5 Ideal Gift Ideas for Your Teenagers

It is probably most parents desire to make their children happy, and gift-buying may happen to be one of many ways to do this. However, parents around the world can probably attest to the defeat they feel when they buy a gift for their child and their reaction isn’t one of over-the-top excitement. When it isn’t, the reason is usually something along the lines of it being the wrong colour, too old school, or not being cool enough in comparison to what everyone else has. After year in and year out of buying what seems to be the wrong gifts, you may be wondering what the right gift is. The truth is, there is no ‘right’ gift, and it’s relative to your teenager and what sort of things they like. This article will, however, suggest some gift ideas that may live up to your cool 21st-century child’s idea of the perfect gift.

Shopping Vouchers

Most teenagers happen to be into shopping, so it is very unlikely that buying your teenager shopping vouchers will be a fail. Although you might be tempted to buy that pink flower covered dress for your thirteen-year-old teenage daughter, it may be a good idea to step away from the dress and stick to a voucher. To avoid the bland reaction and watching it waste away in a dark and dusty corner, consider giving them shopping vouchers for their favourite store. If you aren’t sure where exactly they like to shop, ask them or consider getting vouchers from the store they drag you into every time you take them to your local shopping centre. A survey taken in 2016 which polled teens, ages 12-18 showed that out of Zara, Forever 21, and H&M, 39.39% preferred Forever 21. You should also note that in the survey taken, more teens cared about how the clothes looked than how much they cost and what brand they are. This is one of the primary reasons that it’s a good idea to get them a gift voucher and just let them pick what they want out themselves. Additionally, shopping vouchers aren’t limited to clothing stores, so bear in mind that you can also give them vouchers for gadgets or games if those are areas of interest for them.

Theme Park Tickets

Not every teen is a roller coaster fanatic and likes the idea of rushing through the wind at a thousand miles per hour. There are some, however, who do enjoy such luxuries and for them, theme park tickets might be the ultimate gift. It will give them a chance to run around and expel all of their energy with some of their closest friends. You should include a few extra tickets in which they can choose to use to invite family or friends to accompany them too. There are several theme parks in the UK to consider including Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventure, Thorpe Park, Lightwater Valley, Drayton Manner Theme Park, or Adventure Island in Southend. Depending on their age, if they decide to go with friends, then they could go alone or be accompanied by you or another reliable adult. The good news about this option is a theme park may not be seen as uncool, so you have a good chance of landing cool points as a parent.

Concert Tickets

A study by UK music has shown that there’s been a 12% rise in audiences at live music events over the past year. It is likely that teenagers account for a notable percentage of that figure. This could be because music is usually a popular area of interest for teenagers irrespective of their personality types. While some are more passionate about it than others, it is unlikely that your teenager doesn’t have a favourite artist or song that they’re constantly playing on their phone, iPad, or computer. If you have been able to identify artists that your child gets excited about, why not consider buying them concert tickets? You can start by going online and looking for concerts that are taking place in your city and when they’re holding. If you want to get the tickets for less, it may be a good proposition for you to look for legitimate deals and discounts. Most people would like to attend a concert with friends as well, so consider buying them two tickets as opposed to just one.

Restaurant Gift Vouchers

Right up there next to shopping and music is often food. While there are some teenagers that you have to negotiate with before they’ll eat, there are who clear out your food cupboards constantly. Even if your teen isn’t a foodie, food is a great way to socialize so a voucher to a restaurant may be appreciated by them. When choosing a restaurant, think about somewhere that sells their favourite foods or dessert. If you’re lost for ideas regarding the ideal restaurant, you can visit Gourmet Guide and see the range of restaurant gift vouchers that they have available. Interestingly enough, in 2015, over 77 billion pounds was spent on restaurants and cafes. This means that it might be safe to say that going out to eat is a popular activity and one that your teen might like to do.


If all else fails, it’s likely that cash won’t, and some crispy brand-new pound notes will do the trick. Some people don’t like giving cash as a gift as they feel it has no sentimental value and will be quickly forgotten. However, the cash can be spent in any way that they desire, and they may still end up buying things that will remind them of you anyway. If you’re looking for a response that exudes excitement, then a substantial amount of cash may very much to be a good gift choice.

Raising children to the point that they are teenagers is a phenomenon that most parents are amazed by. When you see all of your hard work over the years reflected in your child, it can evoke an indescribable amount of joy. Showering them with gifts on special occasions, as a reward for good behavior, or just because is one of the ways to express that joy. Next time you’re scratching your head about what to buy them, however, consider referring back to this list for ideas.

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