Did you know, it’s possible to get an for Thorpe Park Resort for £49? That’s actually less than the on the day price! So you can go as much as you like in a year, for LESS than it would cost for a day. It feels like Thorpe Park Resort have made some mistake here. I’ve checked, and double checked, and it’s definitely correct – so go grab a pass while you can!

I was thinking about how much I love Thorpe Park Resort, and that particular number – 49. Are there 49 reasons why I love Thorpe Park Resort? Yes. Yes there are, and every single one of them is below. Before you close the tab thinking ‘arghhhh.. 49 reasons that’s going to take ages to go through’ – it’s not. Promise! So let’s go!

1. It is ‘The Island like no other’

It really is the island like no other, both figuratively and literally. It IS an island. Thorpe Park Resort was born in 1979. It was a gravel pit that was partially flooded by the original owners, RMC (Ready Mix Concrete). The flooding created the island that you see as you walk over the bridge.

2. It’s compact.

I love that all the fun is concentrated within the island. It only takes a few minutes to walk from one point to another. Helpful if you’ve got younger ones in tow.

3. Quantum

It’s one of my ‘rules’ to any day out at Thorpe Park Resort – Quantum first. It ALWAYS has to be my first ride of the day. I love Quantum so much, it’s a great warm up ride, and often – there’s no queue! It’s also usually my last ride too.

It’s Quantum!
4. The Shark Hotel

The Shark Hotel is unlike any other theme park hotel. Each room is within a shipping container. It’s truly ‘bite sized’ accommodation, however it will sleep a family of 4. If you’re staying there you get a great breakfast at Fin’s in the morning, and you get Fastrack until 11am too. Use it to cram lots of rides in while the others are just arriving into the resort!

The Shark Hotel Entrance
The Shark Hotel Entrance
5. Fin’s Bar and Grill

There’s something quite lovely about sitting with a chilled beverage outside Fin’s on a boiling hot summer’s day. Plus they do a great selection of food if you’re peckish – the chips are amazing. It’s not as busy as some of the other food outlets at lunchtime. It’s got a lovely chilled vibe!

6. Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave has some fantastic theming, the ‘Amity’ area of the park has a feel of a 1950’s fishing village with Tidal Wave in the centre. No matter how wet you think you’ll get on this ride – double it. The wave crashing down will soak you to the bones. It’s a brilliant ride to watch too – go on the bridge if you’re feeling brave! Tidal Wave is probably best experienced on a HOT day. However there are some ‘haystack’ driers to help you warm up and get dry.

7. It’s a great place for a first date

I went on my first date with Mrs Hakes to Thorpe Park Resort. It rained like mad for about 30 minutes and we got SOAKED. However that didn’t dampen things. We’re now married! I can’t guarantee romantic success for everyone, but it’s a great place to start. If they don’t like Thorpe Park Resort – sack them off early doors, there’s clearly something wrong with them.

One of our first dates t Thorpe Park!
One of our first dates t Thorpe Park!
8. Donut Sundaes

I don’t think this needs any explanation – DONUT. SUNDAES. That is all.

9. Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

This is a truly ground breaking ride. I’ve been on it so many times, and each time I notice something different. I love the sounds, the VR and the story-telling. It’s beautifully themed and I am now terrified of taking the Tube in London. Plus, as it’s VR based, they can change the story. It’s cutting edge technology and I doubt you’ll ever see a ride like this again in the world.

The Ghost Train
The Ghost Train
10. Kiss my Pass – Go VIP!

Thorpe Park Resort offers VIP experiences – they haven’t announced what’s on the line-up in 2018, but last year we had a VIP experience at the resort, Ultimate Fastrack for the day, and a Coaster Climb up the lift-hill of The Swarm. It was a brilliant day. If you want a treat, go VIP.

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