Finding the Perfect Home to Raise a Family

City living is great for the young and those who are single professionals or a couple without children; it has all the opportunities and excitement you can expect for people who have no youngsters to think about. You can go out drinking, meet people, work hard and be close to everything. City living, however, is quite detached. Friends are scattered throughout and can often take hours of commuting to visit. Spaces are small and often cramped, and your money certainly seems to disappear faster than you know what you’ve done with it.

For young professionals, this environment works just perfectly. For those looking to start a family, however, it is less than ideal. Moving to a quiet town (or at least, away from London) can bring costs significantly down. This means you can own your own property, you can have space for your family to grow, and you can slow down and enjoy your surroundings more. Children need routine and stability, and city-life is not a conducive environment for their development. That is why you should look outside the major cities and follow these tips to find the perfect home to raise your family:

  1. Safety and Quality

It’s easy to search for beautiful towns in the United Kingdom; you have seaside cities and beautiful towns throughout. Choosing which one is right for your family will depend on two factors; the safety of the location and the job opportunities available to you. If there is another branch at your current employer in a town that is safe enough to raise a family, you have your golden egg.

When looking into the safety of an area, search for several factors. The first is obviously the crime rate, the other lesser known factors include child poverty rates and even the town’s demographic. You want an area that has many young families like yourself living there. The more children, the more chances of sports teams and after-school activities.

  1. Job Opportunities

The world is slowly but surely shifting. Computers and the internet have become so commonplace that many jobs can now be done remotely. You could bring up this possibility with your employer, find a remote job before you move, or otherwise job hunt as you house hunt. No one wants to move to a new town without a backup, after all.

  1. House Hunting

When it comes down to house hunting, you want to rely on the best. For example, setting your heart on Chesterfield, a charming town that boasts markets and at the foot of the beautiful Peak District, isn’t enough. You can’t walk into a real estate office and expect the best service, so if you wish to live in Chesterfield or the surrounding area, use conveyancing solicitors in Chesterfield as they’ll have the knowledge on the local market. Ask for a quote, weigh up your options, and hire the professionals who share your vision.

Moving your family to a quieter, more closely knitted town is the way to go. You want your children to be able to bike to their friends’ house safely, and to play in parks within the countryside. Although city life can be fine for children, there’s nothing quite like the quietness and beauty of the English villages.


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