Knowledge is Important: Do You Know How to Properly Choose a Trampoline?

By nature, shopping for the best item in a market packed with variety means comparing features and knowing exactly what to look for. Finding the right trampoline isn’t any different, which begs the question: do you know what to consider when buying a trampoline? Do you understand what to look for?


The springy nature of trampolines means that you’ll jump higher than you normally would. That means you also bounce back with more force – for new heights of fitness and joy. The last thing you want is to hit the metal frame. This is why a trampoline enclosure is such a crucial safety consideration when buying the equipment.

The enclosure is the netting which typically wraps around the entire perimeter of your trampoline. The smaller the trampoline the more important the safety enclosure – because then there’s limited space for bouncing and higher chances of falling off the edge. The enclosure helps keep jumpers safely inside of the trampoline.

There’s more to safety than just the enclosure. Consider going for trampolines with safety clips on the entry zip. These will be particularly handy for use with younger children. It is also advisable to look for a sturdy frame for extra support and smooth welds to minimize the risk of injury. Springless trampolines may be a preference, but if you opt for traditional spring trampolines, ensure they have spring covers that pad the springs making them safe. You may want to refer to this guide for trampolines to help you see what available options fit that safety profile.


Trampolines can measure anywhere from below six feet to well over 15 feet in diameter. For smaller yard areas or indoor usage, smaller trampolines such as the 4ft to 8ft trampoline will come in handy. Such smaller sizes are best suited for use by young children.

For adult users, larger outdoor trampolines such as those designed for multiple jumpers are the better choice. A 14ft or 15ft trampoline would be a great pick for larger families. Of course, you’ll need to pay attention to the amount of space you have for it, plus how far your budget can stretch.

Larger trampolines are also the safest and can be used safely without safety enclosures.


This is a no brainer: you are shelling out your dough, so it’s only natural that you want value for the money. A trampoline with a galvanized steel frame is generally durable since the material is rust resistant. Even better, you may want to go for a galvanized steel construction with hammerstone paint finish for ultimate protection and durability.

The jumping mat should also be made of a UV-resistant material so that the exposure to the outside weather does not damage it sooner.


Whether you are buying a trampoline for your kid(s) or for yourself, it pays to know how to properly choose the right one. Be sure to keep in mind the features to look for in a trampoline so you can enjoy both longevity and value for money.

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