Simple Tips for Standing Out and Making a Good Impression in Your Vlog Posts

Today, vlogging is a fun and exciting way to make a living online. With more and more people turning to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-sharing platforms to get their news and information, there’s a real chance of getting far if your clips can provide your audience with the info, news, and solutions that they’re looking for. Whether you’re vlogging for the first time or have uploaded a few videos already, spending some time making yourself look your best beforehand can make all the difference. Along with a great personality, looking great in your clips will boost page views.

Be Clean and Well-Groomed:

Unless you’re vlogging yourself doing something where you’re bound to get a bit ruffled, looking smart for your videos is a must. You don’t have to wear a suit – unless that’s you’re thing or you’re trying to appeal to a professional audience – but it’s essential to wear clean, pressed clothes, be clean-shaven (or tidy up your beard) and make sure you’ve looked after your personal hygiene beforehand. Before you begin, pause to give yourself a quick once-over in the bathroom and iron any creases out of your T-Shirt – it’ll make all the difference. Check out for some cool box braid looks you can try for the camera.

Get the Lighting Right:

The right light can make a massive difference to your videos and give them a more professional, polished finish. Ideally, you should try to film as much as you can in the daytime since natural light is always going to be the best lighting you’ll get. If you’re filming indoors, set up close to a window with the blinds or curtains open. If needed, artificial lighting can be used – white light is the best choice to avoid your videos having a strong yellow hue.

Tidy Up:

If you’re going to be filming at home, then taking the time to tidy up your surroundings will make a huge difference to your videos. Nobody wants to be distracted by dirty dishes or clutter when watching a YouTube video, so keep the area that you’re going to use for filming as clean and clutter-free as possible. This will minimize distractions on-screen for your viewers and create a cleaner and more minimal appearance. Ideally, you should only have yourself and anything else important to the video in the frame (unless this can’t be avoided, for example, if you’re filming outdoors).

Use Makeup:

Lastly, don’t be afraid of using a little makeup if you want to improve the way you look in your videos. Actors and TV presenters are no strangers to stage make-up and many vloggers use it to cover blemishes and correct tone issues if filming with artificial lighting. Of course, it’ll entirely depend on you, what you’re creating a video about, and what you’d prefer the finished edit to look like.

Vlogging is becoming increasingly more competitive, so some simple steps to make your videos stand out can go a long way. Taking some time to polish your appearance and arrange your surroundings can make a huge difference to the clip you upload.

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