Six tips to feel better about yourself

If you’re feeling a bit low, it can be difficult to find the energy you need to change your outlook. Feeling anxious and trapped by circumstance, or simply just feeling a lack of energy and pessimistic about everything can be a drain on your personality and can affect your home life and work life as well. Finding the time and the inclination to try and make positive change is all too often a matter of needing the energy that just isn’t there, but you might be surprised by how low effort some of the possible solutions may be. If you feel as if you need a change but you simply don’t know where to start, then here are the best ways to feel a bit better about yourself. You never know, deciding to try some of these tricks out might be the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time.

A To-Do List

It might sound like the preserve of the busy office worker or the frantic stay-at-home parent, but no matter who you are and what your daily life is like, having a to-do list can be enormously beneficial. Having a concise list of what needs doing not only gives us targets and goals, they also give us structure. That structure, in turn, allows us to prioritise and tackle each item at our own pace. The best thing about a to-do list is that it’s yours, and if you don’t find the time to complete some of the items on your daily list then you can simply transfer it to the next day. The positive mental boost you’ll get once your to-do list is complete can ease a lot of stress from your shoulders, and allow you to relax knowing that you have done all that you need to do for the day.

Get outside

It’s not for no reason that doctors recommend getting out into nature. There are a number of proven and suspected benefits that being in the great outdoors can give you. Whether you just want some fresh air and a break from the usual environment, or you need a full-on camping trip in the woods for a weekend, making the decision to venture outside is probably the best thing that you can do for your mental and physical health. From improvements in short-term memory to increased concentration, venturing out can improve your feelings about your life and give you a fresh mental boost when you most need it.

What are you wearing?

It may seem superficial, but our clothes say a lot. Wearing the same thing day in and day out can have an odd effect on us. It takes away any creativity, and we can all too easily become very self-aware when it comes to how we choose to dress. Our clothes make a statement about us, and if you want to shake up what that statement is, then a new outfit is highly recommended. Not only does a new set of clothes make us feel better about ourselves, but it can also affect how others react to us, which in turn can make us feel even better about ourselves. So if you’re feeling a bit down, treat yourself to that new look you were considering, and enjoy your new style, new wardrobe and new you.


If you’re the kind of person who thinks that the gym is simply an updated incarnation of a medieval torture chamber, and the thought of exercise makes you feel all clammy, don’t panic just yet. Getting a little exercise is better than having none at all, and you don’t need an expensive gym membership to give your heartbeat a bit of a kick. A simple walk around your local area or the nearest park can work wonders, and even ten minutes of easy strolling can be enough to get the blood working and can ultimately make you feel a lot better about yourself. The sense of accomplishment after exercise is the reason why so many people opt to do it, but whether you’re after a six-pack or just a light sweat, getting the body moving is going to make you feel good.

Makeover Part Two

Nobody is more critical of us than ourselves. The little things that you hate about your appearance can all too easily become crutches to your mental health, so maybe it’s time to look at ways to get rid of those insecurities. If you have a much-regretted tattoo, have a look at your options for removal. For those worried about a decreasing hairline, there are a variety of options when it comes to hair treatments, and whether you opt for FUT or FUE Clinics, you might be amazed by what can be achieved these days. If you’re worried about your looks or have issues that you can barely even acknowledge, then you’re going to have a hard time getting over them if you don’t face them. So do some research and check out your options.

You’re allowed to say “Yes!”

You, of course, have the right to say no to invitations that sound like they might make you uncomfortable. However, as well as the right to say no, you have to remember that you also have the right to say yes. So start saying it to new ideas and new activities. You’re allowed to break from the routine, get out of your comfort zone and tackle a brand new adventure. Even if it’s something as simple as coffee with friends that you haven’t seen for awhile, or the adventure of a lifetime up the Nile, never forget that your decisions are ultimately yours, and that having the right to say no doesn’t always mean that you should.

It can be all too easy to wallow in your insecurities and fall back into routines that don’t benefit you, and that’s ok too. However, if you’ve decided that enough is enough, and you want to make some positive changes to your world then take a deep breath and throw yourself into embracing a new challenge. It could end up giving you a lease of life that you never knew you needed.

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