3 Easy DIY Tips to Increase Your iPhone’s Performance

Do you ever glance at your shiny iPhone and wonder if you’re tapping into the many possible ways to increase its performance? And like many iPhone owners, according to USA Today, there is a strong chance that you’ve never read the owner’s manual. No judgment! We’ve all been there.  

Another reason you may find that your smartphone’s performance is somewhat lackluster is that the aging process has taken hold. Your iPhone may experience some irritating performance issues for a variety of reasons and from different sources.   

Imagine the benefits of speedier processing, better battery life and overall greater functionality. With the right tips to increase your iPhone’s performance, you can spend far less time using it to get essential tasks done, but you’ll probably just want to spend more time exploring.  

Here are a few ways you can boost your iPhone’s performance:  

1. Turn Off Your Phone and Restart It 

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It’s that age-old solution — recommended by many frustrated IT experts — of turning off your computer or other device then turning it back on to instant success.  The same often holds true for smartphones, including the iPhone.  

Quite simply, iPhones sometimes just need the clean slate that a hard reboot can provide. You can clear up anything from a sluggish battery to a frazzled application or generally slow performance. The main problem that most passionate iPhone owners have is finding the right time to actually turn off their smartphone. Many others simply forget to turn it off. It’s definitely worth the downtime to give it a try.  

2. Reset Your iPhone  

Sometimes called a “restore” or a “factory reset,” a reset does just what its names suggest. An iPhone reset takes a simple restart to the next level, in terms of cleaning up frequent bugs and other issues, such as lagging, pausing and outright stopping of various applications, texting, and internet browsing. Here’s how you can reset your iPhone:  

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Select Reset 
  4. Select Erase All Content and Settings 

That’s all there is to it! Of course, once you turn your iPhone back on, you need to set it up again, just like you did when it was new. Barring any deeper mechanical problems, it will work like new.  

3. Close Background Apps  

Sometimes the solution is far simpler than resetting or even restarting. Sometimes you just need to shut down an application or two, and you may note a vast performance improvement. While iOS is speedy and high-functioning, it needs a break from all the applications processing from time to time. 

Closing your background apps is pretty simple. First, double-tap your “Home” button to see all of your open apps. Either swipe each one you want to close or close them all at once. It’s a good habit to close each app once you’ve finished using it.  

Get Ready for Your iPhone to Perform at Its Peak Again   

Whether you need to do something as simple as closing your open apps or something more time-consuming like performing a factory reset, you will love the benefits of investing the time it takes. Your iPhone will reward you with greater speed and peak performance.  

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