Fitness Tracker for Kids: Good or Bad?

Childhood obesity has become a serious problem nowadays. With kids hooked to their TV screens, iPads, computers or phones and partaking in very little physical activity, there is no way to motivate them to step out of the house once in a while. That, added to the piles and piles of junk and fast food that is available everywhere and ruin kids’ eating habits is a recipe for disaster.

Fitness trackers for kids, like Garmin Vivofit jr may be the solution. Here is why it is an excellent idea:

Motivational Tool

Studies have shown that people generally tend to work harder towards a goal when shown quantitative facts. When the fitness tracker will show the children where they stand health wise, how many feet they have walked that day, how much water they have consumed, their BMI, and etcetera, they are bound to start acting more proactively than just lounging on the sofas all day to let those childhood calories pile on.

Fun Gadget

Kids will love any and every smart gadget. Give them a PlayStation or give them a smart watch, they will be fascinated by it thoroughly. Generally, kids’ variants of any product are fun and exciting in terms of packaging and look, which make it a fun gadget for kids to play with, and will keep them immersed in inching up on the healthiness ladder.

Inculcates Competition

It is in our makeup to compete with others over everything. Every fad or trend settles in due to the element of comparison and competition. When kids will start buying the fitness trackers in the kid friendly flashy versions, every other child would want one too. And to add a cherry on to the fitness sundae, it may even make children compete on their health. Imagine two cuties challenging each other to 500 steps a day challenge. It will work.

Reduces Childhood Obesity

This is existentially important. The memes and jokes with the fat Asian kid or the statistics on childhood obesity in the US must be lowered. The rising culture and inclination towards gluttony is no help as children are now posed with the choice of hundreds of fast food joints, junk food options, high cholesterol, oil ridden, calorie heavy foods. Pages like Food Porn, and other food related blogs are no help as now, every social media forum is perpetuating this trend.

Fitness trackers will reduce this. They don’t only act as a warning and health assistant for children, but also for their parents who can then work on feeding their children a diet that is good for them and is not just clogging their arteries.

Reduce Lethargy

Since fitness trackers for children will have a direct impact on their activity, they are bound to reduce lethargy and laziness in them. With children eating healthy, being healthy, they will be more active and will not be hooked to a screen at all times.

Healthy Lives equal Longer Lives

Childhood mortality is a rising concern in many nations, particularly developing nations. It can be caused by malnourishment, lack of activity, unhealthy lifestyles and unhealthy foods. Moreover, the number of kids wearing spectacles has risen dramatically. This is why it is important to institute the values of health and an active lifestyle in children. Fitness trackers do just that. By telling kids how healthy and fit they are, they take them into the decision of what they want to eat and what activities they must take part in in order to be healthy.

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