How To Overcome What May Be Stopping You From Keeping Fit

We are all familiar with the importance of exercise. The importance of exercising is a message we get told repeatedly from all quarters, and not without good reason. If you want to be healthy and able to enjoy life to the fullest, some form of exercise is a must, but there are many of us who have good intentions yet still somehow fail to get into that workout routine we have planned. There are various reasons people give for not getting to the gym, and here are some of the most common ones.


Or rather, the lack of it. Yes, you have a busy life, lots of commitments, too much to do as it is, and finding time to fit in a workout three times a week is proving impossible. The thing is, a lot of other people are in the same situation, but if they have found a way to make it work for them, there must be a way you can too. Making time for yourself, for relaxation, leisure pursuits and socialising, is essential if you don’t want to burn out from stress after a few years. You need to look after yourself and put yourself first. That doesn’t mean being selfish; it just means recognising that unless you look after yourself as a priority, you won’t be able to care for the people you love or perform well in your career. Therefore, if you aren’t able to find some spare time for yourself you need to examine your schedule and see where you can make time. It could be that you need to be more organised, so your existing responsibilities take less time. Maybe you need to delegate more at work, get the kids to do more at home, or reduce your commitments to other activities. You might just need new systems putting in place to enable you to operate more efficiently. There has to be somewhere in your timetable that you can find time to devote to yourself, so take a good look and see where your time is going.

Sweaty and red-faced

Exercise makes you sweat, and the more vigorous you are, the more you will perspire. The increased blood flow around your body then makes your face turn red, and for some people, this can have a quite a striking effect. The idea of arriving at work or returning from lunch having a face like a beetroot doesn’t appeal for obvious reasons, and in most jobs, it wouldn’t go down very well with your colleagues or management either. If you hate the idea of getting sweaty, you have some options to help deal with it. You could choose a less cardio-vascular based form of exercise like using toning tables, walking, or Pilates when you want to avoid being sweaty and flushed at your desk, and save your cardio workouts for outside work hours. If a quick jog is your only or favoured option, make sure you allow enough time for a good all-over shower afterwards, so you return to work feeling and looking fresh. If you suffer from excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, it can make the problem much worse, as antiperspirants may have limited value. You could try medical treatments to control your sweating problem, for example, it’s been shown that botox reduces sweating, so you could book into a clinic and have a course of treatment that will eliminate this issue.

Physical health

It may be the case that you can’t go to the gym because of your bad back, or you can’t run because of your dodgy knees. There aren’t many people who don’t have some kind of physical impairment, whether it’s a temporary injury or a long-term health issue. However, there are also very few health problems that genuinely mean you can’t do some form of exercise. If you have an injury, then you must be careful not to do anything to make it worse, which could lead to lack of healing or turn an acute injury into a chronic problem. That being said, if for example, you have injured your shoulder, the rowing machine may be out of bounds, but the stepper or static bicycle shouldn’t be a problem. For most physical ailments there is a form of exercise that can be beneficial to your condition as well as helping you keep fit. Yoga and Pilates are very helpful for chronic pain sufferers, and swimming is excellent for people with all sorts of conditions because the water supports your weight and takes strain off of muscles and joints. You can also reduce or adapt your normal exercise routine to avoid making any problems worse. If you aren’t sure where to start or how to find a form of exercise that suits you, get some professional advice. A good gym will be able to help most people get the benefit of suitable exercise that is tailored to their abilities, or you could employ a personal trainer to advise you.


You may love to go cycling but you need a new bike, and you could be a bit short of cash this month. Perhaps you can’t start your running regime until you can afford some proper running shoes that will support your feet and limbs correctly. Yes, there may be issues like this that can hold you back, but even if this is a problem, walking is free, and following an online exercise programme or fitness DVD can be free or cost very little. You might not be in a position to do the form of exercise you favour, but you can still work on your fitness by other means until you have the funds to pay for the equipment you need.

None of these excuses is invalid, as there are genuine issues to be addressed in each case. That doesn’t mean you can fall back on them as a reason to avoid exercise though, because with a little thought, research, and assistance if you want to get fit, you will find a way!

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