How to Make Your Home More Inviting

Your home may be your castle, but no one wants to hang out in some drab, drafty environment. If you want your house to feel more like a home than a fortification, take some steps to make it an inviting place for your friends and family.

One awesome way to make sure people want to come back to your home is to put in spaces dedicated to having a good time with your friends.

While your thoughts may immediately turn to expensive luxuries such as pool tables and antique bars, a few simple amenities can transform a relatively small space into a casual place to gather for an evening. You could put in a solid table and some board games if your tastes run to game night. You may like a sofa and a TV for watching sports or space for any hobby equipment.

Touch Up the Decor

Does your house’s interior reflect your personality? Many renters or first-time homebuyers forget to make their home spaces truly their own, and the result is a home that feels impersonal and unwelcoming.

To counteract this issue, consider repainting or bringing in some art pieces to hang on the walls. A good paint color and some artwork go a long way to tell visitors what kind of house they are entering. Furniture pieces are another good way to tinker with the decor; the right couch or loveseat can make a room come alive.

Do Some Spring (Summer, Fall, or Winter) Cleaning

Nobody likes a messy home. If your house is getting dirty — whether due to kids, misadventure, or simply lack of cleaning time — you’ll want to make some changes before you invite people to your home.

Getting your housemates or family involved can make the work go faster, as conversation and companionship help with even the most unpleasant task. Getting housework done should be the first priority. Pay special attention to the kitchen, where the combination of food and the elements that eventually grow on food left out too long can come together to make for some bad sights and smells.

Minimize the Allergens in Your Home

While you are cleaning the house, you may spare a thought about how allergy sufferers will experience your home. While you may be lucky enough not to suffer from allergies, others you may invite to your home could spend the night sneezing and coughing from the dust in your vents if you are not careful.

One often overlooked area to fighting allergies is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance. Changing your furnace filter or getting a service tech into your home for a regular system cleaning can solve the issue quickly. You can also take other simple measures to improve your indoor air quality.

Keeping a home that works as a destination for social events is an art that requires time and effort, but it’s also quite rewarding. Make that effort and you can make yourself an essential part of your friends’ social calendars.

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