Picking the perfect Engagement and Wedding Rings for Him

Getting married isn’t something that you can really do cheaply. As soon as you mention to a potential supplier you’re considering them for a wedding, an extra zero or two will be added onto the price, for sure! It’s hard getting the balance right, because you want to have a wonderful day. However, there is often a nagging voice in you head that it is just one day. It IS just one day. The dress and suit will go into a wardrobe, the cake will be eaten, and the flowers will die. As well as the memories of the day, something that will always be around, are the rings!

A ring is piece of jewellery that’s long lasting and conveniently fits on our finger. However a ring or circle is a symbol of eternity in many cultures and religions. It has long been used to represent the love between two people, even the hollow space in the centre of the ring has meaning. It was once considered as a door, leading to new and unknown places. This is thought to represent the journey of marriage. Often – the first ring within a marriage is an engagement ring. Traditionally worn by the bride to be. However – there’s a growing trend for men to wear engagement rings too.

It’s a good idea, I don’t think it’s particularly fair that girls should get a shiny symbol of their impending nuptials and not the guy! It’s 2018 – we’re in the age of same sex marriage, and equality. It’s not always the chap on bended knee now. So why can’t their be engagement rings for both sexes? As engagement rings are usually a statement piece with a single diamond. You could perhaps pick a simple band with a subtle and small diamond. It’s both symbolic of the traditional engagement ring, with the practically of a regular ring.

An important consideration for a an engagement ring, or indeed wedding ring is the material it’s made from. Traditionally, it was always Gold. Thankfully, times have changed (I really don’t like gold) and there are a myriad of materials to choose from. Of course, if you dig it, gold is still popular. You can also go for White Gold, which looks great. However, it’s worth noting, you might need to get it re-coated after a few years. The rhodium plating that makes the gold ‘white’ wear away in time. Most jewellers offer this service, however, it might mean you are without your ring for a while.

Platinum is increasing in popularity too. With good reason. It’s very strong, and the white sheen doesn’t fade or change colour. This does come at a cost though – a platinum wedding (or engagement) will cost a bit more than a gold counterpart. Another ‘new’ wedding ring material is Palladium. It’s lightweight, and retains its colour. It’s a similar colour to Platinum, but not as dense. Palladium is great however, it can scratch up over time. The metal isn’t ‘lost’ with scratches, it just needs to be polished.

If your budget is tight, then Silver is a great option. It’s not as strong as some of the other metals, but still – it will do the job. You could save up for a slightly fancier ring for a 5th or 10th anniversary.

What have I got? I’ve got a lovely 24ct White Gold Ring. It wasn’t the cheapest in the shop. But, it’s got a great finish, a lovely colour and will last me for years!

So – what kind of engagement or wedding ring do you have?

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