Top Ways to Unwind This Summer

Modern life is fast. You wake up; you work, you finish work, you go out, you go home, you do it all over again. We are so used to doing things all the time that sitting down quietly seems like a foreign concept to us. Even when we do have downtime, we go on our phones and scroll through content so quickly that it’s hard to digest any of it. In short, we are very good at winding ourselves up, which is why this summer you should focus on winding down and taking back control of your life. Focus on your wellbeing, and slow down with these top ways to unwind.

Disconnect at Least Once a Day

Being connected at all hours of the day does take its toll, which is why for a few hours a day you should aim to completely disconnect. This could mean leaving your phone at home to go on a walk, or it could just mean putting it on “Do Not Disturb” for a few hours while you enjoy reading a book, watching the TV, or making dinner. Enjoy the time where you don’t have to respond to an instant message or email, and focus instead on what you are doing at the moment, especially if you are by yourself. Give it your full attention, and you can really enjoy it.

Tip: Always turn off your phone when you are with friends. This doesn’t mean you cannot take pictures of each other, but try not to access any of your phone’s online features like social media.

Spend More Time with Friends

Friends are critical to our happiness, which is why we should always make more time to see them. In summer, seeing them and making plans is easier than ever, because people want to get out of the house. Bring them over to yours so that you can enjoy a budget-friendly party, or plan outings with them regularly. The more you see them, the better.

Place More Emphasis on Sensation

Another easy way to unwind can be done either by yourself when you disconnect, or with friends, and that is simply to place more emphasis on sensation. When our brains are simulated, either through delicious food, for example, or by other relaxing ways such as exciting vape flavours, you can automatically enjoy life so much more. If you need to update your vape flavours head to sites such as RedJuice. Another sensory experience focuses on ASMR. Sound sensations can cause physical tingles in the body in some, and in others, it simply helps you relax and sleep more deeply. This sensation is produced entirely by sound alone, and yet the effects are real and immediate. The same sort of principle applies to all of your senses, which is why different flavours can help you relax as much as relaxation techniques. Stimulate your brain, and you can enjoy the moment instead of stress about the challenges in your life.

Unwinding is as simple as putting more emphasis on the moment. Disconnect so that you can give what you are doing your full attention. This could mean focusing more intently on hobbies you do on your own, or it could mean paying more attention to your friends or family. Compliment this new focus with new stimulation that can invigorate your brain and help you enjoy every moment better than you did before.

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