5 Tools You Should Own for DIY Projects at Home

Whether off the internet or based on a laid-back hunch, we all love to carry out our DIY projects. From little crafty projects to huge furniture pieces, all are included in our bucket list.

There are dozens of DIY tutorials available online to get you started. But the first thing is not knowing what you want to make as your first project, but the initial tools you will be needing. From a basic book shelf to the bench you will place outside in the porch; everything is possible if your steps are correct.

Are you ready to get started on the DIY marathon? We are! To get you started on your journey, here is a list of the few items you will need to make your own woodshop at home:

1. Woodcutting Saws

There are massive steel saws that can cut through wood and even metal. However, you need to start from something very basic. A woodcutting saw is a must have for any DIY projects for home improvement. You can learn more about the kinds of saws available for purchase by reading the details on bestsaws.reviews.

Woodcutting saws let you cut limber and extra wood you might have near your house. You can cut down the trees growing excessively and use their wood for your projects. Book shelves, cabinets, drawers, even decorative pieces can be made.

2. Oscillating Tool or Multi-tool

As the name suggests, there are many functions of this tool. This will help you remove pieces from your old furniture or even walls and let you reuse it. It cuts into finer shapes, without endangering your hands.

You can chop out little sections from the wall in the basement or the attic and reuse the tiles. It can cut through almost all the hard materials.

3. Nail Gun

Of course when you’re cutting through something or aiming to join two pieces together, you would need something to make them one entity. A nail gun, as the name suggests, uses nails to join two materials together. This gun uses force to drill into and through one material into the other one.

You can join two pieces of wood together and make a shelf or even construct a chair when you’ve reached expert level.

4. Plunge Router

When making a furniture piece, you will need to join some pieces to others without drilling holes into both. The best thing to do then is to use the plunge router which will develop a hole right into the required surface.

Once the hole is permanent enough, you can cut the other material and fit it right in the hole. The best thing about the plunge router is its accuracy and angles. This ensures easier penetration and adjustment as both holes or angles are made by the same tool.

5. Pliers

No matter what you say, pliers have to be on your list for the woodshop you’re developing or the DIY space you’re arranging at home. Pliers help you grip nails in situations where all other tools fail. Not only are they one of the oldest tools to date, they are certainly the most reliable ones too.

There are different kinds of pliers available in the market. Basic end-cutting pliers are one of the most famous ones. Small and errant nails can easily be gripped and removed from surfaces with these pliers.

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