5 Winter Appliance Upgrades You Didn’t Know About

With winter around the corner, you must be making your wardrobe and bedding cozy. But did you know most of the cold we feel is because of the atmospheric pressure around us. From the appliances that keep us warm to the ones which will ensure a warm intake, we have multiple options we have yet to explore.

Some of us like to stay conventional and only use our previously installed gadgets. However, there are some insane appliance upgrades in the year 2018 which we must start using, no matter what! Here’s a list of the appliance upgrades I never knew about, but am definitely getting:

1. Tankless Water Heaters

Did you know there are tankless heaters in the market now? I didn’t! These tankless heaters are up for grabs and can be installed easily in your house. These heaters use gas to heat up the water but do not store it rather immediately heat the water as it passes through them, when we turn on the tap.

While these heaters use gas similar to the heaters with tank, they are noted to be more reliable and sustainable. Users have also reported saving up to 40% of their fuel costs with installing these heaters. I could surely use some savings right now! If you’re confused about which kind of tankless heaters you need, go to tankless.reviews and check out for yourself.

2. Electric Blankets

Remember how last winter we used to come home to cold blankets? Seriously, what was all that about? I had to lay down in my blanket for at least half an hour to finally warm myself, and the blanket! Well guess what, there’s an innovative technology called the electric blanket that has come to my rescue this year.

The blanket has the capacity to heat up and stay warm for as long as we want. The blanket is made from a soft, plush fabric which instantly heats up when you turn on the electric wires inside it. For safety purposes, the blanket automatically turns off the heating system after ten hours. By that time, either you have woken up or still snuggling in the captured heat of the blanket.

3. Eco-friendly Water bags

Despite being one of the most conventional and usable gadgets in the winters, water bags are still definitely a need in those snowy nights. However, the amazing upgrade is that now, these bags are made with eco-friendly materials. With our global movement to save our environment and only use products that in no way harm the earth, this is definitely an upgrade we’ve been waiting for.

These water bags come in different colors and sizes for one’s choice. I’m definitely getting one, or two maybe!

4. Smart Wash Dryers

With the advanced and smart washing machines we have in our homes, we definitely need an appliance that can dry our washed clothes easily. Guess what, the market promises a solution for all winter problems. There are smart wash dryers available which twist and dry up the wet clothes instantly.

These dryers are smart because they automatically stop spinning once you program the kind of dryness you require in your clothes. For example, if you want them to be damp, you can program the dryer accordingly and the machine will stop. How cool, right?

5. Smart Coffee Makers

We now have the amazing smart coffee makers which operate smartly and give us the kind of coffee we want to drink. There’s a whole range of coffees to choose from. You can simply select the kind you want. From a latte to your cappuccino, there’s nothing this coffee maker misses.

So when you’re snuggling up in your warm blankets by the fireplace, you won’t have to spend a couple bucks on getting your favorite coffee. You can have it right here, at home!

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