Top Tips for Home Improvements

It’s always good to have a basic working knowledge of home repair and maintenance. Builders, plumbers and electricians isn’t cheap after all, and sometimes it’s viable to do things yourself.

But then again, sometimes it’s not. You must know when it’s time to call in professional help and lay down the gauntlet! As much as we’d like to pretend we know how to re-plumb a bathroom, for most of us, it’s a fever dream.

So, from the kitchen to the conservatory, the bathroom to the bedroom, here are a few expert repair tips for those dads who enjoy a spot of DIY. Proceed to the toolbox!

Keep your toolbox well-stocked

We all have our toolbox favourites, but that doesn’t mean we should be afraid of new devices and gizmos. Home repair covers such a broad spectrum of jobs that it’s vital to have something for every circumstance.

Some basic bits of kit to have in your toolbox include a spirit level, duct tape, WD-40 and a screwdriver and spanner set. There’s also a hammer, a mallet, pliers, scissors, wire cutters and perhaps even a wrench or two!

Looking at some more advanced tools, you could have a bolt remover, a socket wrench, a chisel and a crosscut saw. Not all of this will be cheap, granted – but start building your box up over the course of a few months! I’ve been building mine up over many years!

Some things are out of your ability range

“How hard can it be?” I hear you ask, as you seek to attempt your next daredevil home repair.

We all feel like a superhero, wrench in hand, closing in on that next job. Alas, sometimes, there are things we should simply not touch, and things that far exceed our skill level. We have to know when enough is enough! Would you rather make things worse, or get help to make them better?

Some common gaffes committed in this area include re-wiring (which MUST be done by an electrician), or taking on big jobs alone – get a mate to help! Above all, just be honest about your abilities, and look for professional help where necessary!

Take pictures and make labels

As much as I like to think I know it all and have a brilliant memory – I really don’t! Imagine you take apart your car’s engine, only to find you’ve forgotten how everything pieces back together?

Fortunately, there’s a way around this. Before you begin any kind of repair, take pictures of what the area looks like. This is so you know what it should look like when you’re finished. As you take parts away, stick labels to them so you know where they go, and what order they go in.

So, to all dads, I say this; don’t be afraid to tackle a job that seems tricky! With the right amount of research and the proper tools, we can do just about anything. At the same time, it’s fine to admit defeat and know when it’s time to call in a contractor or professional. These home improvements could increase the value of your house. Sunlife can let you know how much your house has increased in value.

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