Top Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Family Holiday

Do you think planning a holiday is stressful? Do you need time off when you return from your holiday, just to get over the stress? Even the happiest of families can find being in each other’s company 24 hours a day a little strained. Trying to please everyone in a group can be difficult, sometimes nigh on impossible. If you’re travelling somewhere in the very near future, the following tips will help the occasion run smoothly. You shouldn’t be worried or feeling traumatised about a holiday. It should be an opportunity for you to sit back, relax and soak up the sunshine along with everyone else.

Plan Accommodation Ahead of Time

Leaving accommodation to the last minute can be risky, plus if you’re someone who is prone to bouts of anxiety, knowing you have a great place to rest your head as soon as you arrive can help minimise any stress you may be feeling. What’s more, by exploring your options in plenty of time, there’s a larger pool of options available to you. Check your options online; for instance, if you’re heading to the Balearic Islands, if you explore the many villas in the Balearics ahead of time, you have more variety, meaning you don’t need to settle for accommodation that doesn’t have the right amenities for you and your family. Planning means there’s less risk of stress, plus it can be more cost-effective.

Create a Checklist for Each Traveller

If you write everything down, it will ensure there are no last-minute panics. Finding there is no sun cream in the bathroom cabinet the day before you depart will not be appreciated.  Giving each member of the party a checklist they can follow and portioning out the responsibilities will mean all the preparations are not left to one person.

How are You Getting to the Airport?

It seems that everyone automatically assumes that driving to the airport is the best option. There are many other ways you can get there that are far less stressful. Travelling in holiday traffic can be tiring for the driver and there is also the risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam and missing your flight. Many of the national coach services run directly to major airports and often there will be a train station located nearby. Another option is to make use of an airport transfer service. They are more affordable than you think. It’ll feel like you’re on holiday as soon as you leave home.

Prepare for the Unexpected

It depends where you’re travelling to, but generally the weather can be unpredictable, especially if you’re holidaying in the UK. If you’re travelling in the summer, you would hope that your two weeks are going to be bathed with sunshine every day. However, this may not be the case, so be prepared for at least a couple of days of rain or several heavy summer showers. Make sure you’ve got the right clothing to cover such eventualities and check what activities will be available should the sun decide not to shine. There’s nothing worse than a couple of kids having nothing to do.

Figure Some Downtime into the Trip

When you’re holidaying with children, especially young ones, keeping them entertained can be very stressful for mum and dad. Picking a resort where there are organised children’s activities will mean you get to have some downtime together, away from the kids. This is important for you both, otherwise it won’t feel like a holiday at all. If you’re lucky, there may be a babysitting service you can take advantage of and enjoy a date night or two.

Ditch the Electronic Gadgets

Children seem to be constantly plugged into their devices, so encourage them to either leave them at home or set strict limits on usage. It’s a family holiday you’ve decided to take so everyone should take part and be engaged. Instead, a better way for them to spend their spare time would be to write a journal.

Take the Rough with the Smooth

Even the best organised holiday will have the odd hiccup, but it’s important not to get stressed about them and ruin the holiday. You should try to make the best of things that go wrong. After all, every cloud has a silver lining. You will also be very tempted to cram as much as you can into your holiday. Avoid this at all costs. If this holiday runs as smoothly as it should, and everyone has a good time, there will be plenty more opportunities for a family vacation. Allow for a certain amount of spontaneity, as there are bound to be events you won’t have prepared for.

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