Why a Fiat is an Ideal Starter Car

As a new motorist, there are few things more exciting than owning your first car as this is the vehicle which will give you an unparalleled amount of freedom. When it comes to purchasing a starter car for your kid, there are certain factors that you need to consider which are more important than when they buy a car down the line.

Picking the Right Brand

It can be tricky to pick out the right first car as there are so many different options, but one of the best things that you can do is to pick out one of the more trusted and reliable brands and find a particular model that suits their needs. In terms of trustworthiness and reliability, there are few brands better than Italian manufacturer Fiat. Fiat are one of the more common sights on the road and particularly when it comes to young and/or new drivers.


Fiat has scooped dozens of awards over the years, including a record nine European Car of the Year awards. They have also been ranked on multiple occasions as the manufacturer with the lowest level of CO2 emissions by vehicles in Europe. This is particularly important in a day and age where there is a large focus on eco-friendly driving, plus the low running costs that come with this will appeal to new drivers.

Easy to Use

Another key selling point for Fiat as a starter car is that they are incredibly easy to drive. When starting out, a motorist needs a vehicle that they feel confident in and Fiat vehicles are easy to use and very reliable. They are best known for their small city cars which will be suited to young drivers that have just passed their test, but they also have larger vehicles in their range for those that require something bigger.


There are many excellent models to choose from when picking out a starter car, including the no-nonsense Fiat Panda city car, the always popular 500 city car and the affordable yet character Fiat Punto. These are all popular starter cars which are both cheap to buy and run, yet still have a good amount of style and are enjoyable to drive. Due to their size and affordability, these vehicles are also cheap to insure which is another key factor when it comes to new motorists. Due to their reliability, Fiat vehicles also make excellent second-hand cars when purchasing from reputable places like Unbeatablecar.

Picking out a starter car for your child is a real challenge and you will want to find a vehicle which is affordable, reliable and easy to drive. Fiat ticks all of the boxes for this and they are also highly stylish cars that any new driver will enjoy driving.

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