Fixes For The Most Common Plumbing Problems

There are two things that guys are expected to know about. One is the car, and the other is plumbing. It’s just something that we’re meant to pick up as we go along. Maybe our dads are meant to teach us? I don’t know, but I always feel a tinge of embarrassment when I have to call a plumber to fix a problem with the pipes in my house.

It’s that same red-cheeked feeling I get when I have to call a mechanic to get my car from the side of the road. I’m a man; I should be able to fix it. If you have the same problem with plumbing, guys or girls, I’m here to help. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common plumbing and pipe issues and how to fix them.

A Blocked Toilet

Well, let’s face it if you call a plumber to deal with this issue you are going to be embarrassed. The bathroom is going to smell; there will be a nasty sight in the toilet and it will be rather unpleasant. You can convince yourself that this is the plumber’s job. But deep down you known, you should be able to handle this one yourself. Well now, you can.

A blocked toilet isn’t difficult to deal with at all. Simply fill the toilet with water using a bucket until it’s about two-thirds of the way full. That’s going to give some much-needed pressure. Then use a plunger. Make a seal over the U-Bend of the toilet with the plunger and push down two or three times. Once you have done this, flush the toilet. The blockage will disappear, and the water will drain. A quick spray of Febreze and everything will be back to normal.

A Leaking Tap

Honestly, more than anything else, a leaking tap is just annoying. That drip, drip, drip is enough to keep people awake through the night. As well as this it’s hard to ignore that you are essentially wasting water. Granted it’s a small amount but if you’re on a water meter, it’s still a pain.

It’s often an easy issue to solve. Usually, it’s because of an old washer. So, turn the water main off, and run the tap dry. Pop the top off the tap and unscrew it. Undo the nut, and replace the washer. Ensure you have the correct size.

If you get stuck, there are a fair few YouTube videos that will guide you.

Leaks And Floods

This is perhaps the exception where you might find you do need to hire one of the Plumbers in the UK. However, it’s also possible that you can fix a flooding problem in your home by yourself, or at least give it a try!

The first thing you’ll need to do is assess what’s causing the flooding or leak. Once you have done that, switch off the water valves in your home. This should stop the flow of water and prevent further damage. Once you have done this, dry what is already damp as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of mould.

Flooding can be caused by anything such as an old pipe, or perhaps a worn fitting. Whether you need expert assistance will depend on the severity of the issue.

Remember – if you’re not sure, get an expert in – there are plenty of Plumbers in London that can help!

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