5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tile

As you might have noticed, earlier in the year we had our bathroom refurbished. It took nearly two weeks, and it was quite a big upheaval – especially as we only have one bathroom! One of the biggest decisions was over the tiles we chose for the walls and floor. We visited so many shops, and perused plenty of online retailers to find the right tiles for us. We purchased lots of sample tiles, and held them to the floor, and walls to see how they might look.

As we were planning on having the floor and walls fully tiled, we really wanted something to last the lifetime of the bathroom. I’ve thought of a few top tips on how to select tiles for your bathroom. It’s so important to get it right first time, as once they are on the wall, or floor – you don’t want to have a change of heart.

1 – Size matters.

There are so many shapes and sizes of tiles available. We knew we wanted some sparkling black quartz tiles on the floor. We found some we really liked, but they were very big. Our floor area is quite small, and it would probably have only needed 3 or 4 of these big tiles. Quite frankly it would look daft – by using smaller tiles (but not too small!) it works well.

2 – Don’t be afraid of textures.

Tiles aren’t all flat now, they have such different textures. From gentle ripples to full on massive grooves. There’s a whole world of choice. Our wall tiles have a very light texture to them. I didn’t want anything too extreme because I wanted something I could quickly wipe over to clean. I like the light catches on the little grooves. Plus it’s easier to put fittings onto only a lightly textured surface. We did toy with a stone effect around the bath but it might be a bit busy – which leads me onto..

3 – There can be such a thing as ‘too many different tiles’

It’s tempting to pick tiles for the floor, for the walls, for the bath area, maybe with a border tile too…? However, like with the size of the tiles, you must think carefully about the size of your space – too many different tiles in a small space will look chaotic. With a smaller room, it’s best to use up to three different styles – we have two in ours and it looks great!

4 – Get a professional in.

I love to do a bit of DIY, however, I think some jobs should be left to a professional. Tiles are often heavy, and if you don’t adhere them correctly, it can be a nightmare. Someone I know wanted to cut corners and install their own tiles in a shower. They hadn’t put enough adhesive on, and when the front door slammed, a tile fell off the wall and smashed onto the freshly concreted in shower tray. A few quid saved was quickly spent again getting a new shower tray.

5 – Remember – timeless is best!

Don’t be too obsessed with having the cutting edge of ‘tile fashion’, bathroom renovations are big jobs, and often done every 10 years or so. Your swish and funky tiles might look amazing now. But 5 years down the line, they might just look daft. Choose carefully!

So there we go, a few tips on choosing the best tiles for your bathroom! As I mentioned in tip 4, it’s never a bad idea to seek professional advice. If you need help with choosing tiles or bathroom designs? Visit Harrogate Bathrooms Showroom. What tips would you recommend to someone choosing tiles for their bathrooms? Drop a comment!

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