8 Tools Every Graphic Designer Needs

If you like to beautify everything in your life, graphic design could be the profession for you. Behind every visually stunning advertising or marketing campaign is a graphic designer. It’s also very gratifying in that you can see your work in everyday life. If you’re already naturally drawn to design and are a technical wizard, why not combine your two passions and parlay this into a career? If you do, however, you’ll need to have the right supplies, especially if you plan on going freelance. Read on for eight tools every graphic designer needs.

  1. A Quality Smartphone

The argument could be made that everyone could use one of these, but graphic designers should really almost never be without them. Not only do you need to be in touch with clients, but you can also work on the go. You also never know when inspiration for a project can strike. Whether it’s on a trip to the mountains or a stroll through the art gallery, something will hit you in just the right way and you’ll need the phone there to capture it.

  1. Kuler

Developed by Adobe, Kuler is a tool that helps graphic designers to come up with designs filled with unique colors and shades. It helps you discern with the HEX and RGB codes are in order to drum up new and intriguing shades. Have fun with this one.

  1. Pantone Matching System

Like Kuler, this one has to do with color, as it can be trickier than people would think for a graphic designer. Often the colors that graphic designers think they are going with come out completely different when in print. Enter the Pantone Matching System, which allows you to see how a color will look when it comes out on a hard copy.

  1. Music

Now bear with us on this one, as it’s rather subjective. Not everyone works better with music but, often times, graphic designers find it to be very creatively stimulating. In fact, a study by Mind Lab via this article by The Telegraph shows that there are different kinds of music that work well for different kinds of goals: classical music for work involving attention to detail, pop music for deadline-oriented data entry type work, ambient music for solving equations, and dance music for problem solving. As the article notes, “So next time you see your headphone-clad colleague nodding in time to a dance beat, don’t judge: they’re probably working better than you are.”

  1. A Laptop Suited for Graphic Design

When it comes to graphic design, a laptop isn’t just a laptop. It must have the high computing power to handle multiple functions at once as well as a streamlined user experience. Do your research and find tech that provides the features you need most. HP Tech Takes compiled a list of their best laptops for graphic design; browse through and consider what it is you need to make your graphic efforts that much better.

  1. Repix or Canva

Photoshop is fantastic but sometimes a simple app will do when it comes to cropping, filtering, and the like. As this designhill.com article notes of the latter, “The app offers a wide range of tools like a cropping tool, 16 filters and 28 different types of brushes that makes the process of converting the image into a masterpiece, lots of fun.”

  1. A Social Network

Like smartphones, a thriving social network is needed by nearly everyone these days. It’s how our work reaches our target audience. Even more so, though, social media helps in the cases of people not truly understanding what it is that graphic designers do. As graphic design guru Alex Solomon says via this Canva.com article, “Even as the design field gains popularity, many people don’t actually know what designers do. If someone finishes designing a website or a logo and posts it to social media, you might have a person say something along the lines of ‘I didn’t know you designed websites or logos, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.’”

  1. Behance

Another Adobe product, Behance allows graphic designers to create an online portfolio so that others can view their work. It’s not only a place that freelance graphic designers can use as a hub to secure jobs but also it can be used to derive inspiration from other designers. It’s visual stimulation at its finest.

Although the tools that can be used by graphic designers are seemingly endless, these eight will have you off to a wonderful start.

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