How to Become a Psychiatrist

Psychiatry is a notoriously hard industry to forge a career in. From all the studying that is required to all the tests that need to be taken to the period of residency that needs to be completed, when you dedicate your life to becoming a psychiatrist, a large chunk of your time will be taken up. If it’s your career calling, however, then all the hard work and effort will just become second nature!

To help you along on your journey to becoming a professionally registered psychiatrist, check out the information below.

Complete a degree program

The first thing that you need to do on your journey to become a psychiatrist is to complete a bachelors degree program. Pre-med and physical sciences degrees are both options, but the best course of action to take, unsurprisingly, is a bachelor’s in psychology, especially one that is taken at an accredited college like Saint Francis College.

While taking this course as a major, you should choose to minor in several courses that will look great on your resume going forward. These courses include developmental psychology, life science, and ethics.

Go to medical school

If you thought your educational journey would be over upon the completion of your bachelor’s degree program, you were wrong. Once that time of your life is done and dusted, it’s time to move on to the much harder task of getting through medical school.

Before you can even step foot in the school of your choice, however, you must take the MCAT. This admissions test, made up of three multiple-choice sections, is very tough in the way it evaluates prospective students for enrolment, which is why you need to be studying for it even while you’re still an undergrad.

Once you’ve made it into medical school, you have two choices in regard to what course you take: a Doctor of Medicine program or a Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine program. Either degree will work for you, as both focus on the same kinds of methods and treatments.

Complete a residency

Upon graduation from medical school, there is still some training that you need to undertake before you’re deemed ready to be granted professional psychiatrist status. This training comes in the form of a residency in a hospital setting, and you need to complete it as doing so will prove to your future employers that you not only have the knowledge to be a good psychiatrist but that you also have the patient skills to go with it.

Get board-certified

Once your residency is successfully behind you, you have to set about getting yourself licensed and board-certified. Doing so will make you legal to treat patients professionally, which will mean, finally, after all those years spent in training, you will finally be a fully-fledged psychiatrist! Note, this certification needs to be renewed every ten years.

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