6 Tips to Clean Your Home with Zero Effort

If you are anything like us, we tend to put off cleaning the house as it can seem like an overwhelming amount of work to tackle. However, the longer you leave and ignore it, the longer you will have to spend cleaning in the long run. Here, we are taking you through our top tips to clean your home so it will always look spotless without you having to spend much effort on it at all!

Clearing Surfaces

One of the easiest ways in which you can instantly make your home appear cleaner is to clear your surfaces. Take a look at each room, see what it out of place and making the room feel untidy then you can quickly fix this. A good idea is to have a basket in each room where you can place everything that is in the wrong place, clear your surfaces for a clutter free look then empty the basket which takes hardly any effort. Just make sure that your baskets don’t end up getting out of hand and empty them every so often.

Wipe Down the Surfaces

After removing all items from your surfaces, you then need to wipe down your surfaces. Don’t slack on this and simply wipe around objects as this will cause dust to form around them. Wiping down your surfaces will only take you seconds to do and will create the effect of a gleaming home.


Even if all you have time to do is vacuum, you will instantly notice a massive difference in your home. Don’t vacuum before wiping down your surface as dust can fall down onto the floor as you are cleaning them. Another great option for the ultimate lazy person who wants to put zero effort into vacuuming is to get a robot vacuum! The 9 best upright vacuum cleaners will be able to vacuum anytime, anywhere and will place themselves back into their dock to recharge.

Empty the Trash

There is no such thing as emptying your trash too often and this is a super quick and easy way to making your home feel much cleaner. This is especially true in your bathroom or for any bins around the home that don’t have a lid.

Making Your Bed

We can all be guilty of rushing around in the morning and not having time to make our beds, however, it really only takes a matter of minutes to do this and it can have a massive impact on making a room feel cleaner. What’s more, when you make your bed it will set the tone and mood for the rest of your day so you will be more motivated to clean the rest of your home.

Fluffing Your Pillows

Along with making your bed, another way to make your room feel cleaner with zero effort is to fluff all your pillows. You can do this while you are making your bed and then finish off in the living room to create a fresh hotel look.

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