Keeping It Simple: 3 Essential Features For Your Home Cooker

It’s an indisputable fact that we are absolutely spoilt for choice in this day and age. From cars, to homes and even to things as essential as smartphones, our options are essentially endless.

With so many options and offers being thrown at us every time we unlock our phones, it’s easy to forget the essential things we need when making a new purchase. A car needs to drive well, everything else is gravy. If our smartphone can tell us who’s trending in two clicks or less, it’s doing its job.

The same can be said about home cookers. When you strip away all the bells and whistles, in their simplest form, they allow us to create mouth-watering dishes and treats for ourselves and our loved ones.

To help make life easier, we’ve put together three essential features to look for when picking out your next home cooker, to ensure you can see clearly through all the proverbial smoke and mirrors!

To Dual or not to Dual?

I’m sure you’ve been in this position before: you’re expecting 15 people for dinner and you’ve magically run out of time, requiring you to flex your multitasking muscles.

You decided to roast your lamb and apple pie at the same time, and you try desperately to find a temperature that worked for everything. Come seven o’clock, your guests are treated to an undercooked roast and an overly-crispy apple pie.

If this has ever been you, it might be worth exploring a dual cooker. Each oven would have its own set of adjustable controls, removing any compromise out of cooking multiple meals. That said, if you’re not a power cooker, a dual cooker may not be worth the extra maintenance and costs involved.

Sabbath Mode

We don’t mean the religious rest day, nor the bat-biting rock band. That being said, we wouldn’t sneeze at a button that plays some righteous rock whilst you’re basting a turkey.

Sabbath mode is slowly becoming the norm for home cookers, and for good reason, it’s both a simple and essential feature. Sabbath mode is a ‘hold’ feature that keeps your food warm for an extended period of time.

Much like those red lamps you see at restaurants where your food waits before a waiter brings it to you, it keeps your food toasty until you’re ready to eat it. We also like to think of it as “significant other is running late” mode or “the kids are playing an online game that can’t be paused” mode.


Convection cookers aren’t ground-breaking by any stretch, however, their importance can’t be overlooked. Instead of using radiant heat like a conventional oven, convection cooking employs a fan to circulate the hot air in the oven for faster and even heat distribution.

Our favourite thing about it? It removes the guesswork out of which rack to cook which meal. With the heat being distributed evenly, you don’t have to worry about rotating your roast potato tray every 15 minutes or only cooking half a tray of cookies at a time.

Easy as 1-2-3?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “I need to find a dual-convection cooker with Sabbath mode immediately!” While we think these three features are must-haves in home cookers, ensure you keep your own needs in mind, too.

No two households are the same, and your decision-making should be based on the needs of the household and the home-chefs living in it. It’s our hope that we’ve just given you a nudge in the right direction

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