Look good for a lot less!

Taking care of yourself and your appearance is always an essential part of being a confident, respectable man. But I’m well aware it can be a costly affair and that there are times it is less manageable than others. To that end, I’ve compiled advice that can help you maintain that handsome self for cheaper than you might expect. If you want to pinch those pennies without flushing your looks and health down the toilet, read on.

Cut out those vices
Yeah, the name makes them sound good – “Vices”. Unfortunately, good as they can seem and feel (at the time), these unhealthy habits will be doing the most long-term damage when it comes to maintaining our looks. Why not save yourself the long-term hassle and the short-term money and cut back on the alcohol, smoking, and caffeine? We have a lot to say about the adverse effects of the latter, so lowering your consumption will do a lot for your health.

Good eyewear doesn’t have to cost a lot
You might have spotted that I wear glasses. Eyewear doesn’t cost as much as it used to, even designer frames can be picked up relatively cheaply now. A lot of opticians often run promotions like 2 for one on frames. Check out the cheapest opticians in Cambridge for some fantastic deals.

Leave the gym behind
I wouldn’t recommend that you give up exercise, of course. Instead, I’m suggesting that you change how you think about your workout. Cut that membership cost out of your life completely, save some cash and try jogging around the local roads and parks. Grab some cheap, ideally second-hand equipment and keep it at home.

Take care of your skin on a budget
Skincare is one of those things that requires a lot of product to maintain. Shaving, cleansing, hydrating and restoring. That’s a lot for a wallet to take on. However, if you’re willing to put aside assumptions that cheap equals terrible, there are some quality products you can get. Check out ‘own brand’ products, and they can work just as well, if not better, than the big names.

There you have it. With just a bit of planning and smart shopping, you can save loads on keep yourself looking suave as ever. Cut the gym and the vices. If you plan more cost effective meals and get rid of the taboo around buying cheaper products, you’ll be in top form for less in no time.

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