Top Tips to look good on the go!

Male grooming is something that shouldn’t be ignored, but if you’re a parent, have a hectic career or simply just find yourself always on the go, it can be hard to fit in the time for a bit of self-maintenance. But don’t be fooled – grooming doesn’t always have to mean barbers appointments, pedicures and waxed chests! Take a look at these tips on the simple things you can do to incorporate male grooming into your daily routine.

Always keep a comb

This one might seem obvious, but is something that so many men forget to do. Carrying a small comb in your pocket is so handy for tidying up your hair or facial hair throughout the day. If you have somewhat unruly eyebrows, it might also be worth carrying an eyebrow comb with you to keep everything in check.

Give yourself a quick spritz

One of the hallmarks of a well-groomed man is a good scent, which is why if you don’t already have a signature fragrance it’s time to pick one out. Avoid overpowering fragrances and go for one that’s more subtle – this might mean spending a little extra on a more high end brand, but will also be longer lasting meaning no need for top-up’s throughout the day.

Instantly update your hair

Hair-wax, pomade, spray and serums are all your friends when it comes to frizzy, unkempt hair. Experiment with a few products to find one that works for you, and then place it next to your toothpaste or in a spot that will remind you to quickly style your hair before you leave the house. If you have thinning, balding or receding hair, there are also some easy ways to combat this.

Accessories are important

Don’t forget your appearance can be lifted by good accessories. No one sniggers at us guys having a ‘man bag’ now, don’t cheap out these. Get a good bag, don’t be tempted by something cheap from eBay! Also, if you don’t feel you’re looking your best, you can always grab a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses to hide behind!

Get a portable shaver

Shaving is a nuisance for anyone, never mind a man with a hectic lifestyle! Save yourself the hassle of remembering to shave before you leave the house by investing in a portable shaver to carry with you while out and about. This means you’ll be able to sneak and do a quick shave in the office bathroom to spruce yourself up before that big meeting, and save shaving with a blade for when you have some spare time.

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