Are you getting the best deal on your Broadband?

Ahhh man, I remember back in the day excitedly fitting a 28.8 kbps modem into my computer and having ‘the internet’. Having my Mum and Dad complain that the phone line was always engaged, and shouting at them when they picked up the phone and whatever I’d been downloading stopping halfway through. Thankfully, getting an internet connection is a lot easier, and faster these days. However, are you getting the best deal on your broadband?

To Fibre or not To Fibre?
Fibre Broadband used to be expensive, and only available through a limited number of providers. However, the UK is slowly getting more and more fibre connections, even in rural areas! If you can get fibre, it’s generally worth paying a little bit extra for. If you’re a busy family home with a plethora of connected devices, you’ll need a nippy connection to cope. As a gamer, I love not having a laggy connection. The price difference isn’t such a jump as it once was over a traditional ‘broadband’ connection, sometimes as little as an extra £5 per month.

Check Upload Speeds!
It’s great having a fast download speed, but a good upload speed is important too. Download is when you’re pulling information from the internet, Upload is when you’re sending information ‘into’ the internet. So for example, if you’re sending large files, or uploading videos to YouTube, a fast upload speed is essential. Some providers will give you a cheap download speed, but a slow upload speed, if you’re a YouTuber, or work from home double check what Upload speed you’ll get.

Shop Around
I cannot emphasise this enough! There are so many deals and packages around – make sure you shop around. You can find plenty of useful information in comparison websites specialised in broadband deals. You might find that you can get a better deal with your current provider, or perhaps moving to a new one will be better. Switching providers isn’t the pain it used to be, so don’t let that put you off.

Don’t forget about the Router.
A lot of broadband/fibre providers will send you a shiny new router. Before you switch, have a look at reviews of their hardware. It’s no point having a super-cheap, super-speedy package if the WiFi falls over when you’ve got a handful of devices connected. Some providers will allow you to use your own hardware, so if they do, invest in a decent router – look for those with 5Ghz and Gigabit Ethernet support for a bit of futureproofing.

So.. there we have it, a few simple tips on getting the best deal on your broadband? Who are you with? What deals did you get? Drop a comment below!

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