Casa del Chaos: 3 Top Tips for Organising Family Life

Let’s be honest, family life isn’t a walk in the park. Before kids it felt like organising myself was tricky enough, but throw in two kids, a dog and wife into the mix and you’ve got Casa del Chaos. There are ways to control the madness though and keep on top of family life.

1. Plan, plan and plan some more
The key to organising both yours and your children’s lives is to make schedules and stick to them. Routines are important for kids, it gives them structure and teaches them the importance of time management. It also gets them used to carrying out important habits like brushing their teeth and hair.

Get a big family calendar and pin it up – that way the kids can scribble on it too. Put everyone’s activities on there, where they need to be and what time, so you can plan itineraries without the sudden fear that you’ve forgotten to pick one of them up after their extra-curricular sport club…

2. Sensible Storage Solutions
Most parents regularly arrive home to find toys scattered all over the floor, half-drunk cups of juice left half hanging off a side, homework all over the kitchen table, bookbags chucked into the corner… where there’s family, there’s mess. To run a functional household, it’s important to declutter regularly, but where there’s kids this isn’t quite so simple.

I think all of us need a home for all the ‘absolutely necessary’ clutter. I’d recommend investing in good quality, robust storage furniture.

There are lots of different options depending on the size of space you have. If you have a big hallway, why not try a storage bench? They are dual purpose – you can chuck all your bits and bobs in them to keep your hallway tidy and use it as a place for the family to sit and pop their shoes on before they go out for the day. Less mud and dirt treaded through the rest of the house. Winning.

If you need a more compact solution – you could try floating shelves. These take up no floor space but give you somewhere to pop your kids school books and homework, so you have space to sit at the dinner table – who’d have thought it?

3. Delegate Tasks to Your Children
If we’re frantically running around the house trying to do everything ourselves, it’s never going to be as organised as it could be. Give your children their own responsibilities and errands to do throughout the week. Try setting up a chores rota and switch it up every week or so, that way everyone gets an equal share of different tasks – like you took the bin out last week, my turn this week. Sharing the workload will not only make your household much more organised, but it will keep your children occupied too!

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