6 Tips to Updating Your Bathroom this Year

When on a tight budget, making big changes to your bathroom might not seem like an important option. However, there are inexpensive and fun ways to upgrade your bathroom without increasing your already fixed budget. With these tips, you can easily transform the feel and look of your bathroom.

Despite your existing theme and the new look you want your bathing room to have, you can completely overhaul it without going broke. Here are six ways you can consider updating your bathroom this year:

Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom this Year

  1. Add Simple Floating Shelves & Spray-paint the Faucets

Many people like keeping bathroom items and toiletries that could appear unsightly such as tissue papers and cleaning products under the sink. However, there are classy ways you can turn your functional storage units into entirely transformed décor items.

Obviously, spray paints neither last longer nor are capable of turning your old faucets into a masterpiece like real bronze. However, they can give your bathroom a facelift. Moreover, it would take a little of your time to complete, leaving you with a gorgeous bathroom.

  1. Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

Your entire bathroom’s appearance could change with a gorgeous mirror installed. However, if you are not into spending time in your local stores finding one, try Do-It-Yourself strategies. Use wood frames as an easy step to changing the look of your existing mirror. Note that fixing the mirror on the wall might require some skills, experience and patience.

  1. Be Creative with Your Toilet Paper Holder

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, the little things you do count. Small items such as vanity knobs and toilet paper holders can make a big difference to the overall look of your bathroom. It means paying attention to small details is crucial.

Give your toilet paper holder a complete makeover as an easy Do-It-Yourself step in changing the look of your bathroom. Add some Rub N Buff and Washi tape to it for a different look.

  1. Repaint your Bathroom Wall and Change Lighting

You don’t have to use a bold colour on your bathroom wall. Just paint over your old wall to give it a new and fresh look. It’s a definite way to transform your bathroom into something as good as new. Satin paint can give your bathroom an appealing finish.

Opt for a beautiful coral colour to colour-splash your bathroom walls. It’s a perfect way to highlight and bring-out every element in your bathroom cohesively. Change or fix lights that aren’t working or get rid of the contractor’s bathroom lights for something more modern and stylish.

Good lighting is able to transform an entire space into something completely new. Upgrade your lighting and bathroom fixtures for a modern touch. Use brighter LED bulbs to make your bathroom appear more spacious and well-lit. Add elegance with a chandelier if your budget can allow for one.

  1. Create DIY Storage

Make a DIY closet or cabinet store if your bathroom lacks one. The storage might require you to be handy, but it’s more affordable to build than buy. However, use in-depth online tutorials to solve this problem.

  1. Add Classy Artwork

Artwork isn’t just stylish, but makes your space more personal. Opt for bathroom humour, framed artwork silly references or artistic approach.

All these are easy ways to improve your bathroom without breaking the bank. Upgrading your bathroom or simply sprucing it up is all about being creative to come up with an interior space that reflects your sense of style and personality.Are you looking for an adelaide plumber to help with your bathroom upgrade? Be sure to ask your friends and family for their recommendations, read reviews online, and get pricing in writing before you commit to working with one company over another.

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