I’ve been a Three customer for years – I joined them when they launched in the UK. We’ve had a few bumps along the way, but I am a delighted Three customer. I like the way they are continually innovating and evolving – for example, they’ve just announced their 5G service will be FREE for existing customers too. All you need is a compatible handset. I will look at getting a 5G handset when they launch it – it won’t be available immediately at home to start with, but I’ll certainly enjoy the extra speed when I’m travelling across the UK.

It’s not just the phone and data services that Three are improving, it’s also the service for customers too. Even if you aren’t a Three customer, you can benefit from the first of their services – Three Live.

What is Three Live?

Put simply Three Live has interactive sessions with expert presenters, who demonstrate and discuss the latest phones and tablets available on Three. They will showcase the features and functions too. Plus, it’s interactive – so while you’re watching if there’s something you want to see or know, you can ask the presenters and they will demonstrate it for you. I’ve been fortunate to actually appear as a guest on Three Live to talk about how ‘Phones are Good’. It was so much fun to take part in it. Because it’s Live and Interactive, you don’t know which way the discussion will turn.

If you want to watch a Three Live session, all you need to do is click the Three Live link on the store pages.

The only thing that Three Live can’t help with is Customer Service queries – they can’t be sharing customer information LIVE over the internet with all the other viewers! If you’ve got a question for customer services, click on the ‘Live chat with us now’ option and choose ‘Get customer service support’.

Me, getting ready to go on Three Live
Me, getting ready to go on Three Live
What is the Three App?

Another thing I love about Three is the Three App. Back in the day, the App just used to be pretty much a link to the ‘My Three’ section of the website. It’s evolved dramatically over the past few years. Now it is the perfect partner to your Three experience.

As well as being able to check your allowances of Data, Texts and Calls in pretty much real-time it allows you to do all manner of other cool things. Before you set off on holiday, you can switch on the ‘International Roaming’ within the app to allow you to access your Three services outside of the UK. If like me you have an account with ‘Go Roam’ you can use your allowances just as you would at home in 71 destinations. When I was in Iceland and New York, it was amazing to use my phone as usual, without stressing about where the next bit of WiFi might come from.

Also, within the Three App, you can see the current position of your Three contract too. There’s no need to ring up Customer Services to find out when you’ll be able to upgrade your phone – it’s all there, in the Three App! If you’re eligible to upgrade, you can do it in the app too.

Something that is super handy for me is the fact I can grab a PDF of the last years worth of bills in the app too. My phone is my ‘business’ number, so when it comes to filling in that paperwork for the Taxman, I can summon a copy of my bill with ease!

Exploring the Three App
Exploring the Three App

Three Live and the Three App are excellent additions to the Three ‘customer experience’, and services I’ve used, and will continue to do so. If you’re considering switching to Three, then definitely check out some of the handsets on Three Live, and if you’re an existing one check out the Three App. I’m fascinated to see what the wizards at Three come up with next – I know I’m looking forward to the 5G rollout.

This post has been written in collaboration with Three – all views and opinions are my own

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