I’ve not been to a Halloween event at Chessington for a few years – FOUR years in fact! That’s about to change, because we’re off to Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019!

What’s happening at Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019?

I always enjoyed Chessington’s offering – it’s all pitched for their ‘family’ audience and it’s always done really well! I’m looking forward to taking James (and hopefully George) to experience some scares pitched at a level they are more likely to enjoy. There are two ‘mazes’, a walk through the woods, and a spooky Live show! Plus it gives you the opportunity to try Chessington’s iconic rides in the dark. One of my most vivid memories is flying through the trees on the Vampire in the dark when I was 16 years old, I’m looking forward to doing this with my kids!

“As the sun goes down, the eerie, the spooky and the creepy come out to play this Halloween. With hair-raising fun for all the family, untangle the web of lies with the launch of our brand new attraction, Spyders, plus the return of award-winning Creepy Caves Unearthed – Chessington’s scariest attraction yet.”

How much does the Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019 cost?

If you book early (ie. now) you can get tickets for as little as £29.50 per person for those aged 3+. The ‘On the day’ price is £46.50. Obviously you can use a Merlin Annual Pass or a Merlin Membership.

When is the Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019 on?

Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019 is running on select dates in October and November 2019. October 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th (10am to 7pm), October 21st to 25th (10am to 6pm), October 26th to November 3rd (10am to 7pm).

What’s on the Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019 Lineup?

Let’s take a look at the press release to find out what’s on the lineup for Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019 –


This might be work giving a swerve if you’re not a fan of arachnids. This maze (or perhaps web?) has a ‘two bat’ rating which means “Young Adventurers may find scary (8+ years)”. I might see if James will do this one with me, although I’m convinced! Obviously, as it’s a new maze, it’s very hard to know what to expect but the blurb says –

“Something creepy is crawling into Chessington this Howl’o’ween, with the launch of brand new attraction Spyders.

You and your family must work with the S.A.S (Secret Arachnid Service) to help infiltrate the infestation of ‘gigantula’ spiders who are causing mayhem at the Theme Park. With eight legs and eight eyes it is going to take the stealthiest of spies to surpass these spiders. However, not is all as it seems – can you untangle the web of lies?

Creepy Caves Unearthed

Creepy Caves Unearthed returns for Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019. This maze actually won Best Original Concept and Design at the 2018 Scare Awards. I must admit, I’ve not been through it myself, so I can’t comment on the content. It DOES have a ‘three bat’ rating which means “Brave Adventurers
(10+ years)”. Hopefully I’ll get George to do this one with me – we’ll see! I’m very excited about trying it.

“No one knows why the famous reptile and creepy crawly exhibit in the Zoo closed its doors… until now. Secret Agents will lead you through the quarantined attraction for your exclusive look at the newly discovered plant species, found in the snake enclosure. But, with Zoo Keepers missing and strange things happening, who knows what powerful properties might be unearthed. Chessington has issued one warning, ‘enter at your own risk’.”

The Creepy Caves Unearthed returns for the Chessington Howl'o'ween 2019
The Creepy Caves Unearthed returns for the Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019
Trick or Treat Wood – Topsy Turvy

I LOVED the Trick or Treat Wood when I went through it when it launched in 2015. It was SUPER cute. It’s got a ‘one bat’ rating which means it’s suitable for everyone. It’s a wonderful way of introducing small humans to Halloween events. I can’t wait to see how it’s looking for Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019.


“Younger adventurers must choose which path they’d like to take past the bewitching tree – will it be a tempting treat or a troublesome trick? Enchanted fairies and ghostly goblins will guide little explorers on their way, with plenty of tricks and treats suitable for families of all ages.”

Will the Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019 have anything else?

It will! There will be the ‘Haunted Howl’o’ween Live Show’ – which I guess will be on the ‘Gruffalo Stage’ – that has the ‘one bat’ rating too!

“Dance with werewolves, jive with ghouls and waltz with witches in this toe tapping spooktacular, where creepy creatures from the world of Howl’o’ween let the beat take over. The whole family can get involved in the spooky spectacle, which will be casting its spell to have all monsters, big and small, joining in the musical thrill.”

Chessington will also be putting on Spooky animal shows and a daily fancy dress competition! Not to mention that you’ll be able to grab some brilliant rides in the dark. I’m definitely planning on riding Rameses Revenge – who knows, it might be the last time.

Final thoughts on the Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019

I’m so excited about heading over to Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019 when it begins on October 12th. I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with Chessington’s Halloween offering. It’s a really fun, family-friendly event. I’ll also be filming a vlog too (which I’ve not done at Howl’o’ween before!)

Are you heading to the Chessington Howl’o’ween 2019? Drop me a comment below!

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