Whether you’re going on vacation or taking a business trip, where to leave your car is always a last-minute issue. It often gets overlooked amidst the packing, planning, calls, and scheduling. Taxis are way overpriced and it’s hard to trust a rideshare service with something important like making a flight. The best option is to take your own car to the airport and find a place to park. Parking around an airport has a stigma of having completely overblown and minimal services offered. This is just not true. In fact, there’s a lot of misconceptions regarding airport parking. Hopefully, we can dispel some of them. Here are 5 facts about parking spaces near airports.

1. They’re Safe 

If you’re parking at or around an airport, you can be sure that your car is going to be pretty safe. Most facilities pride themselves on having 24 hour surveillance along with a roving security team. This is to make sure your car, and therefor livelihood, is kept safe and intact. On some of the biggest facilities around the world like in LAX or Miami Airport, competitive businesses take extra care to keep their service and reputation intact. 

2. They Centre Around Your Convenience 

Parking companies around major airports are focused on keeping their services convenient and fast. They know that you have a flight to catch and they’re not trying to delay you any more. Better yet, they can handle the parking and getting you to the terminal. If you’re in Southern Florida, Parkos Miami Airport will valet the car for you, get it into the slot you paid for, and give you and your entire family, luggage included, a ride to the terminal. These perks are at no extra cost, too. 

3. Their Inexpensive (If You Plan Ahead)

People often complain about the cost of parking spaces around an airport. In very specific instances, it can be true. If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll be looking at a much larger figure than if you book two months prior. Like any service that works in volume, you have to include it in your initial trip planning. If you time it right, and if you consistently check websites for parking, you can find great online deals. It may take a bit of due diligence, but if you’re lucky you can find some for up to 65% off the original price. And the longer you plan to stay parked, the more perks you get. The best one, of course, is a low flat rate after the first week. 

4. Some Offer Extra Services

If you’re going to be out for a while and you don’t want the dust to build up, there are extra services that many parking space companies offer. There’s an entire menu of detailing services you can avail of while you are out on vacation. You can even have the oil changed in some. When it comes to these extra perks, you have to say: “why not!” It’s that added luxury that makes a vacation worthwhile. And when you get back, you can know that you’ll be pulling out of the building with that new car smell and a great shine. 

Airport parking is easy and convenient. You just need to plan ahead, choose the right service, and show up a few hours before takeoff. From there, you can rest assured that you’ll get to your flight on time.

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