It’s time to get crazy at the next hen party and get everyone in mood with some fun hen party ideas. There is something that will suit every hen’s style. A hen party is surely not complete without the best hen party games. You don’t want those old, boring games that everyone has played at some of the other hen party. Here we have tried to be original and come up with the best hen party games ideas, have a look below.

Gin and Prosecco

If you are a gin lover, this game is for you. For the perfect makeover of the classic beer game, the gin aficionados can find this game entertaining where the classy prosecco pong is involved. Hens love to begin the party with this game, and it is a great way to get started with some light-hearted competition. You can opt to have gin and tonic rather than only gin as a starter, but, well, then, it all depends on your capacity!

Toilet Paper Couture

I bet this can be a little messy to hear, but it is great fun and that too after a few shots. Divide the hens into two groups and make them create a dress for the bride using the toilet roll only. You can also allow them to use a few safety pins and sheets. And in the end, the best-designed dress gets a prize.

Words Not Allowed 

This is a rather a little common yet fun hen party ideas that will make everyone drink more. You can get a list of 5 to 10 words prepared in advance that will not be used throughout the party. If any of the guests end up saying those words, they have to drink one shot. You can make it more interesting by adding some funny dares every time someone says those forbidden words.

Balloon Question Game

This is a fun game and makes your decorations look good too. Write down 15-20 weird, embarrassing questions on small sheets of paper and put them inside some balloons. Throughout the party, ask the guests to pop the balloons. You can also make the bride answer the questions and, if wrong, make her drink a shot.

Male Model

This one needs some creativity and craft, so you have to be prepared. Split the guests into two teams and let them make male body parts using play dough in a restricted time period. You can give double points for the male parts that look like real. When the time is up, give prizes to the winners or treat them with some sweets or drinks. (This can get dirty as most ladies will be making the parts they are most obsessed with!)

Memory Game

This great party game can get naughty or nice as you wish it to be. Get all guests to write an unusual or embarrassing incident they have had. Then, place the chits in a bowl and ask the guests to take them out in turns and read it in front of all. Everyone playing has to guess about the incidents, and you can add more embarrassing information once you get to know who it is. This is the best game to involve everyone and make them talk and laugh. You can also mix it up with a silent disco hire and enjoy more.  You can get wireless headphones and make the silent disco party all the more enjoyable with a few drinks.

The Bubble Gum Game 

This game is for the bride-to-be. The hens need to start writing questions about the groom-to-be. They should come prepared for this one and get some secrets ready. Once all questions are written, put them all in a large bowl and hand over the bowl to the bride-to-be. Then the bride has to open every note and answer the question written. For all the wrong answers, the bride needs to eat a bubble gum. So the tougher the questions, the more the fun as she eats more and more bubble gums. At the same time, though it may be fun, but make sure that the bride doesn’t choke because of the bubble gums in her mouth.

So these are the best hen party games you can arrange for that perfect time with your girls. Ensure that you get some fun props too to have those picture-perfect shots.

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