You may not think of a swamp tour as the most remarkable idea for a vacation but really, it is! If you need to get out of the city for just a day or whether you just want a quick trip to nature, this one-of-a-kind tour is something you and your family will definitely learn to appreciate. 

Just think about it: A whole day under the sun, rowing down the bayou embraced by nature’s goodness and your family’s laughter. You can check out the best flora and fauna and the most interesting views. The very smell of the air exudes with a lot of natural goodness. I think that there’s no better way to spell a good break rather than to get away with a New Orleans Swamp Tour. Read more about the importance of family time here:

What Is It Like In The Bayou?

Some people tend to have the wrong idea about swamps. They seem to imagine this smelly place that’s filled with squishy green stuff and lots and lots of bugs. Some tend to think that it’s quite dangerous to be lurking around such places as well. What they don’t know is that they’re practically missing out on paradise the moment they think of swamp trips as uncool. With a professional tour guide and a comfortable boat for viewing, any trip to the Bayou can become a stellar one! If you don’t believe me, you can just check this out and see what fun you can experience yourself.

If you’ve ever watched “The Princess and The Frog” by Walt Disney, you’d learn to appreciate what the swamps of New Orleans have to offer. Rolling down the bayou, or as the song in the movie goes, is definitely a trip worth making!

Just in case you’re still scared (but thrilled!) to be making this trip to the New Orleans’ Bayou, there are a couple of things you can prepare to make yourself rest easy. Don’t worry; you won’t need a shotgun or anything like that. In fact, we’re pro-life so any dangerous weapon is definitely a no-no during the whole tour. What I want you to bring are a few simple things that will not only guarantee your safety but will also help improve your whole experience in the Bayou.

Things To Bring With You During The Swamp Tour   

Bring Your Own Water

While most tours do provide bottled beverages during the course, it would still be ideal to bring your own water on board – that is, if you don’t want to end up drinking swamp water because you’re too parched! No, I’m just kidding really. Anyway, bringing your own water will help ensure sufficient hydration throughout the trip. A day tour can last anywhere between 2-4 hours and the weather is pretty much unpredictable. When the sun rays pick up and you start feeling hot, having your own water will definitely help you fight off the heat.

Mosquito or Bug Repellent

I did say earlier that bugs aren’t all there is to the bayou. However, I must say that they are pretty much present during the entire trip. Many bugs and insects are completely harmless. The most they can do is annoy you really. However, it’s still far better safe than sorry. Mosquito bites are pretty itchy and you don’t really want to spend your day scratching your skin off. For some good, hassle-free fun, putting mosquito and bug repellent oil or lotion on your skin is the best solution. To know more about what to expect in your next trip to the bayou, check out

Wear A Fashionable Hat

If you want to act all touristy, you may want to wear a sunhat with a wide brim. Or, you can also opt for the classic fisherman look with the good old fisherman’s hat! After all, you can never get enough pictures on your Instagram feed. But more than fashion purposes, the real reason behind wearing a hat is to protect your face from the midday sun. Getting sunburnt is never pretty and it’s also excruciatingly painful. Applying sun screen on exposed skin is also advised. While most days are pretty cloudy and there’s a lot of trees in the bayou to protect you from direct sunlight, one can never be too careful.

Sport Your Comfiest Shoes

Fishing boots are pretty rad to wear on a bayou trip but I must admit that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. So if that is the case, just settle for the next best thing – and I’m not referring to your Jimmy Choo’s by the way, you’ll regret it. Some light loafers or comfy sandals would do the trick!

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