The burgeoning online video slot industry has been on top form for at least the last decade, and this means that the amount of high-quality titles coming from developers all around the world is showing absolutely no sign of letting up any time soon. The market is heavily saturated in 2019, however, far from a bad thing, this actually makes online slot titles better and better, as developers try to one up each other with their games each time they release one.

 Whilst the first instances of online slots UK were fairly basic, in line with the majority of their land-based cousins, nowadays they are remarkably complex, with an abundance of special bonus rounds and features. Many first time gamblers, or indeed ones that are used to simple land-based slot models, will most probably have trouble getting to grips with some of the modern day’s complexities. For instance, the base mode and feature mode – what exactly does this mean you may ask? Let’s find out. 

The Online Slots Base Mode Explained 

The base mode is where you will start initially in each and every slot game you encounter (unless it is a really exciting title of course). Think of it as much like your bread and butter, you spin the reels and hope for a beneficial combo to appear, but not much else happens apart from a few wins here and there. Of course, this isn’t to say the base mode isn’t exciting; some games like Starburst or Bonanza are so well designed that you may not even have to reach any bonus rounds of features for them to be incredibly fun.

The base mode often acts as a springboard for bonus rounds and features that come in to play later on in the title. You will, in some instances, have some juicy features still in the base mode, and these tend to be some kind of multiplier or free spin. But the really lucrative side to video slots comes in during the many feature modes; let’s get to that shall we? 

The Online Slots Feature Mode Explained 

Now this is where spinning the reels gets really exciting, so much so that sometimes you aren’t even spinning any reels at all, you could well be playing some kind of mini game! The feature mode of many online slot titles around nowadays is undeniably the place to be, both for major excitement and huge wins of course.

To unlock this feature you often have to encounter a specific number of scatter or wild symbols whilst in base mode, the quantity and look of these symbols will change game to game. Upgraded free spins and multipliers are just the start of what the feature mode can offer. In online titles such as Centurion by Inspired Gaming there are four unique bonus games, some of which resemble proper mini-games in the style that you would usually see in fully-fledged video games such as the popular Mario Party Nintendo series.

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