Apple is one of the most profitable smartphone companies in the world.

Customers who choose the iPhone over other brands gain the advantage of a sleek interface and the best phone design available. 

But the iPhone does more than just look pretty. Take a look at this list of ten cool things to do with iPhone. 

1. Set Up an Alternate Appearance

The new Face ID feature on the iPhone works well in recognizing your face from a variety of angles so you can get quick access without entering your password. But there are annoying moments, like when you’re wearing a hat when the Face ID feature just won’t recognize you.

To get around this, you can set up an alternate appearance for when you’re wearing sunglasses or hats to make sure the phone knows its still you. Use the general settings menu to access the Face ID & Passcode menu where you can make the change. 

2. Swipe Notifications to Open Apps

One great feature on the iPhone is the ability to open apps from notifications.

When you receive an alert from your favorite app, you can get more information about the alert by swiping right on the notification.

This is helpful when you receive notifications that require action like when you receive a voicemail or get a fraud alert from your credit card company.  

3. Access a Secret Keyboard

Every smartphone has its secrets. The iPhone’s keyboard includes a secret touchpad that can work wonders when navigating through a document on your phone.

To access the secret touchpad, simply hold down one of the space bar and all of the keys will go blank. You can now navigate the document, note or email the same as you would using a mouse. 

4. Initiate Dark Mode

Screens aren’t easy on the eyes. Keep your optometrist happy by using the screen’s dark mode when in low light. 

The adjust, go to the Settings menu, then Accessibility. Make the adjustment on the Display Accommodations menu under Invert Colors.   

You can also dim the screen manually to the level of light that works best for your eyes 

5. Change Siri’s Nationality

Have a little fun with your device by changing Siri’s nationality.

The automated assistant can be British or Australian depending on your cultural preference that day.

You can also choose whether Siri has a male or female voice for further customization. The commands and capabilities will remain the same, but with a hint of international flair. 

6. Tap to Top

Scrolling is a thing of the past with the iPhone’s tap to top feature when using a web browser.

After reading an article or browsing your newsfeed on Facebook, simply tap the top toolbar to get back to the top of the window.

This can be helpful when browsing a website with the ‘Logout’ feature located at the top of the window. It can also prevent accidental clicks from the growing number of ads present on web pages online. 

7. Handoff to Other Devices

If you have a Mac or iPad, the iPhone can take on tasks from other devices using the Handoff feature. For example, if you are signing up for a membership on your iPad, you can pick up the same task on your iPhone where you left off.

Simply open the Safari icon with the tablet icon attached. This symbol means that handoff capabilities are available.

Handoff currently only works when both devices are using the same WiFi. Though convenient, handoff does have some limitations.

If you are logged in to a secure site like a banking profile, handoff requires you to login in again. The first time you set up the iPhone for handoff, you’ll need to go through two factor authentication to prove the devices belong to you. 

8. Create Your Animoji

A fun new feature of the iPhone is the ability to create Animojis. Animojis are a custom emoji based on your facial expressions.

You can choose a human avatar or select from the range of animals available. No matter what you choose, the Animoji will act as a mirror recording your message along with your facial expressions while you speak. 

Animojis only work between iPhones. When the recipient receives the message, they’ll need to tap Animoji to hear your recorded message. 

9. Swipe to Delete in Calculator

Using the calculator feature on your iPhone can come in handy when you need quick access to computations. As with text messages, mistakes are unavoidable when tapping calculations.

Swipe right to easily delete mistakes as they happen. This means more accurate calculations without having to start over each time you accidentally tap the wrong key.

10. Custom Text Alerts

One perk of using the iPhone is setting up custom text alerts. You can assign ringtones to individual users so you know who’s texting you without needing to look at your phone.

These alert tones can be the same or different from the ringtones you choose for each user. This is helpful in knowing whether to step out of a meeting when expecting an important email or call.

Finding Cool Things to Do With iPhone

iPhone tricks and tips change with each operating system update. To keep up with cool things to do with iPhone, use the Tips app included on your device.

The app is helpful in exploring the latest features with each update and helping new users get to know their phones for the first time. Be patient with the learning process.

It’s impossible to know which features work best for you right away. As you use the phone each day, you’ll uncover your unique customization needs. 

For more information and tech tips, visit our blog for updates. 

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