The summer is when we spend the most time outside and often we want to do it together with the kids. Therefore, we must ensure that the garden is a space that everyone in the family can enjoy; and so it is vital to set up the garden so that the kids can enjoy it over the summer months alongside us.

Create a Designated Play Area

If you have a large enough garden, then it is a good idea to set aside one area for play and other areas for different outdoor activities. This has the advantage of keeping the play mess in one place. Any sand, or water, or even just clutter of toys will not be all over the place, creating trip hazards and just an untidy look. Look at composite decking to create a perfect play area.

BBQ Together

I’ve always said eating together is one of the few examples of real quality family time we experience in modern times, so why not make sure we can get that in the garden. We can have the old-school coal-fired BBQ that gives us the thrill of (safely) playing with fire. Or, if we are a bit more inclined to modern comforts, then a gas-burning one could be much easier and more convenient. No matter which way we go, be sure to have excellent outdoor furniture so that we can still get a real family experience, and the choice of picnic benches, chairs, etc. is vast.

Have a Good Lawn

Lawn care is essential when you have an area that is going to receive a reasonable amount of foot traffic, and if we are planning to spend an amount of time in the garden, then this is highly likely. It’s vital to not mow too much in one cutting, always leave one-third of the original grass height at least, and be sure to treat and fertilize the lawn as required.

Consider Safety Measures

If you have any young kids or play equipment that has a fall risk, then safety measures may be appropriate. You can install shock pads to make any potential fall area safer. Be careful to make sure that you have noted the critical fall height of any safety surfacing and checked this against the height of the play frame, or other items in the garden. Also, check for sharp corners in, or near, the play area and either remove them or ensure they are covered up.

Sports for Older Kids

Older kids in the family may not be interested in childish play areas, so it’s a good idea to have some activity available to them. It’s easy to install some sporting options for this age group, such as a basketball hoop, or even a putting green or other such sports as tennis or badminton courts. Of course, any project of this type will depend on space available and if you want to use up a percentage of the area there is.

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