Facts are fun, especially when you know uncommon knowledge and can share with your family and friends. They’re a great way to break the ice with new people you meet and start a conversation with. Materials about fun facts are provided on the internet and handheld books that you can buy in stores. In this article, we will share five funny, engaging, crazy, and real facts that you and the people around you should know.

The Original Film Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House Was Transformed And Turned Into A Family Restaurant

Movies or films have their funny facts that a lot of you are not aware of. If you are a fan of films that do not take settings on set using a green screen and use actual houses and places, then knowing this fact could amaze you. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one movie in actual settings on woods, houses, streets, and more.

After filming the shooting of slasher horror movies in the ’70s, the house setting that the cast has used during the making of the movie transformed, it turned into a restaurant. That family and friends could dine in. At first, its theme made based on the film Chainsaw Massacre with knick-knacks that you can see in the film.

A Man At The Airport Wore Nine Pair Of Jeans And Sixty Shirt To Not Pay Extra Baggage Fees

Many people can relate to this feeling wherein you think of wearing the clothes you have on your luggage instead of paying excess baggage fees on airports. Baggage fees cost much, so people wear their clothes casually, even if people find it funny.

A Man wore sixty shirts taken out from his luggage and nine jeans while getting away with payment fines. There are many people doing this trick even now. Some airports will not permit them to enter if they do this, but some allow them not to afford excess baggage fees.

This incident happened in an airport from China that is bound to travel to Africa. He resists himself for paying extra baggage fees at the airport, and the only way he thought to get out of it is to wear the clothes that could be heavy. The flight travel to Africa was very long, and he wore them without taking it off. The funny thing is, the flight took 12 hours.

The Loofahs We Use For Bathing Come From Vegetables

If you are one of those who uses Loofahs on bath time, know where these things came from, and how they are made. Loofahs have a unique and distinct appearance, but others describe it as a dried sea creature or a rubber-type material. 

The vegetables L. Cylindrica and Luffa Aegyptiaca are the major components of the Loofahs you use and buy from stores. Before manufacturing it or using it as a scrub for your body, it has to reach a maturity phase wherein Loofahs are ready for use and export. Eating the vegetable that is not mature is possible.

The Grand Central Cafe Was Once A Horror House From A Famous Movie 

It might be sad for some people that the house used for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was turned into a restaurant instead of preserving the original theme and setting used in the film. Some say that keeping it can make more people go out and see the set and enjoy every corner of the spooky and horror house.

Later on, the place changed its theme when it renamed Grand Central Cafe with less fun, horror, gimmick themes in the restaurant. People still love going to the restaurant and visit the place since it became a tourist attraction of people who are into horror movies, or fans of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Camels And The Truth About The Humps On Their Back

Camels are known to be seen in deserted areas, and people ride them comfortably. Some of you might think camels have curvy bone structures because of their huge humps, but that’s not the case. The backs of the camels are lumpy, but it is because of fat composition. The spine of the camel does not follow that hump shape, making it straight like the horses.

The humps of camels are said to be reserved for energy and power to make them withstand great wind on desserts and heat. The humps can carry tons of things that people want the camels to carry from one place to another without breaking the structures of their bodies. 


You can share these with your friends or make it a conversation starter. These facts are uncommon and unknown for some. Funny Facts stated above can help you gain more

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