Do you own a small business that you’ve been looking to expand? Maybe you’ve been considering how to reach the next step for a while, or maybe you’ve just started thinking about it. Either way, getting started requires time, dedication, and research.

If you’re ready to make your small business more profitable, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll need to do more specific research to see how to make your individual case happen, but let’s go over the basics of expanding your business. If you follow these five tips, you’ll set yourself up for faster growth and more customers.

  1. Think Bigger

First things first: set big goals. Look at what your company has already accomplished and then think about how you can expand. If you’ve been working in your local community, consider ways of taking things to a national or even international level. Consider the amount of product or service that you currently provide and then set a plan in motion to make those numbers larger.

Seek out clients and partners in farther places; you’d be surprised at the folks interested in connecting. You might also need to increase your team size, bringing on experts in marketing, HR, branding, and project development.

  1. Expand Your Team

With bigger dreams for your business comes the need for a larger team. Now, make sure that you’re expanding your team consciously. Only hire individuals that you can pay living wages and provide benefits for.

Start slowly as you increase the range of your business. As the larger projects become more successful, bring more people into your company circle. Make sure to keep their needs in mind so that you form dedicated partnerships with your employees.

  1. Hire a Consultant

In some cases, you might have ideas on how to expand your business, but not know how to get things started. When you come upon roadblocks in the process of expanding your business, it’s wise to hire a consultant.

Some entrepreneurs are worried about extra costs that come with hiring consultants. According to the team at atoz consulting, you can meet with potential matches with free initial consultations before receiving any advice. This way, you can see if there’s chemistry between several candidates and decide if they will be helpful. If you have a foreign business you should be well aware of the foreign tax policies such as the GILTI tax for example. There are also consultants that specialize in foreign companies owned by US Citizens or Expats.

  1. Go Online

For local businesses, one of the best ways to expand is taking your products and services online. Not only do you open your company up to a larger client base, but you also get the word out more easily to your community.

With an online business, you’re no longer limited to certain hours of operation. Clients can order products from you, no matter what time zone they’re in. All you need to do is ship orders out once they’re ready.

  1. Diversify Your Products and Services

A key component to expanding your small business is making sure that you offer products and services for a large client base. If possible, expand your product and service line. You can ask your local community what they’d like to see, do focus group testing, or offer seasonal or limited time promotions to test products and services.

You can start with a few staple products and then go from there to offer more items. Make the goods you’re selling as appealing to as many people as possible.

Help Your Business Flourish

When looking to expand your business, make sure that you keep certain things in mind. You want to keep your sights forward while hiring employees with pay rates and benefits that will keep them for a long period of time. Think about your company in bigger terms and expand while staying conscious about the people, environment, and products involved!

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