Promotional Gifts For All Occasions
If you have ever been to a baseball game or a conference of some kind, the main benefit is the swag. Swag is everywhere and always a hot item to grab and collect. People love getting free stuff. Promotional material can be used to demark an event such as a conference, wedding, or celebration.

More often it could be used to showcase a company, corporation, business, or service. These will have a logo and business name largely displayed on the side or top of the promotional item. Not only are promotional items enjoyable to collect, they make amazing advertisements. It is well known in the marketing industries that for a business to gain a constant conversion rate, you need to show a potential client your name at least six times before they buy your product.

However, most promotional goods get thrown in the trash. That is the unfortunate reality of cheap goods. The most useful items on the promotional market are pens, but even these are usually lost, stolen, or just thrown out. Instead of ending in the trash bin, you need to find a promotional item that stays with the customer for the long term.

Long term promotional items not only solidify your corporate name with that individual, but that individual becomes a free billboard for anyone that sees them using or with the item. Why would you ever say no to free advertising? If the product is useful often the individual will be asked where they got. Now, that person is more than a billboard but a spokesman for the event.

Tote Bag Factory For All Your Wholesale Promotions
Let’s get one thing straight. Promotional items are never usually high fashion, expensive, or a hot trend. Normally they are kitsch things with no apparent value or use. They could be a flag, mug, bag, bin, pen, or hat. However, you can break the trend by acknowledging the lack of fashion forwardness and fully embrace the utility aspect of promotional items. The pen is the best example. Promotional pens are not usually the best pens to write with. They never last very long and usually are too bulk to travel with. Due to the fact that everyone needs to write, and they are basically free, promotional pens have solidified their hold on the top slot of the best promotional gift.

There is another way. Stop competing with the pens. Be different. Think outside the box. Don’t live by everyone else’s rules. What is the number one thing that people have too much of? Stuff. People have too much stuff. What happens when you go to a conference and start collecting swag from all of the tables? You can’t carry it in your pockets. Instead you grab a BAG. Then you carry that BAG throughout the entire event.

Not all bags are created equal. No, this isn’t the start to a declaration of bag independence. It is a reflection that many promotional bags given to people are one-time use. Don’t be like these companies. A poor-quality bag will reflect poorly on your company image. Instead offer a promotional item that is useful after the event and for multiple uses to come. This allows the user and the general public to admire the quality bags and the quality company that gave them away for free.

Fanny Packs For Fun Gifts
If you are looking for something different than just the standard tote bag, then you should look into wholesale fanny packs. Your first image may be of the late ‘80s when they were in style. However, they are always hip and always just on trend during the summer months. They are amazingly useful. If you are going to the beach, going clubbing, going to the gym, or spending an hour outside, a fanny pack is a great way to store your personal items in a small bag attached to your waist.

For guys it is all about utility. Most sweats don’t have pockets. For women it is about both fashion and utility. Most all women’s cloths do not have pockets and it can be difficult to carry a purse around in the sand or trees. The Tote Bag Factory carries printed and single colored fanny packs. They also have ID holders, waterproof splash bags, bulk water bottle bags, and hydration packs. Each can be personalized to include a logo or corporate name. These rugged and quality fanny packs are perfect statement pieces that are unique, personalized, and highly collectable. You can’t throw out a fanny pack. Instead you keep it and use it.

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