One of the most successful posts on this blog has been this one – in 4 years things have changed, and I thought I’d update the method. Whilst how I’d chosen to Mount a Sky Q Mini Box worked perfectly (and was still going strong). Because I needed to replace my TV it seemed sensible to update how I’d chosen to Mount a Sky Q Mini Box.

Why would I choose to Mount a Sky Q Mini Box on my TV?

Well, for me – it makes sense to do it – my TV is alone on the wall. I don’t have a unit underneath it, or nearby for it to sit on. So tucking it behind the TV seemed to be the most sensible option. You could wall mount it behind the TV using a similar method, but if you have an extending arm (like I do) then you’re left with the box in view when you move the TV out.

What do I need to TV Mount a Sky Q Mini Box?

The shopping list is relatively small, and fairly inexpensive too!

First off you need a Sky Q Mini Box – this method DOES work for any kind of set top box, but you’d need an appropriate bracket. The Sky Q Mini box is super light too!

Mounting –
Sky Q Mini Box Wall Mount Clip Bracket – by Q-View
Command 17205-12PK Small Picture Hanging Strips Value Pack 17205-12pk

The Mounting parts are essential, the Cables will vary on your setup. How far away your Sky Q Mini box will be away from the power outlet. If you want to connect the Sky Q Mini box via Ethernet. You can always get the mounting done first and measure out cables after.

Cables –
Power Cable – Fig 8 Power Lead Extra long cable C7 (5m)
HDMI Cable – 4K HDMI Cable 0.75M HDMI Lead
Ethernet Cable – MutecPower SLIM FLAT 5m Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Network Patch Lan cable – Multi Coloured 5 Pack – 5m

This guide does assume you already have a wall-mounted TV, ready to Mount a Sky Q Mini Box, but if you don’t, I have and recommend the Invision Ultra Strong TV Wall Bracket Mount Single Arm Tilt & Swivel

So.. How do Invisibly Mount a Sky Q Mini Box?

  1. PLAN – this is incredibly important – you won’t be able to Mount a Sky Q Mini Box on ALL TVs. You might struggle on curved TVs, or those with a curved back. Work out how your cables will go, don’t go too close to your wall mount bracket. I decided to make the front of the Sky Q Mini box face outwards.
  2. CLEAN – once you’ve got an idea of where your box will go, you need to give the area you’ll mount your bracket, and the bracket itself a wipe down with some IPA. This will ensure the Command Strips stick properly.
  3. STICK – Once the IPA has evaporated, then stick 4 Command Strips onto the ‘wings’ of the Sky Q Mini Box Wall Mount Clip Bracket. Don’t go too near the ends of them, they need a little wiggle room to clip the box on.Flip the Bracket over, slightly to the left or right of it’s final position, and stick more Command Strips onto the TV. Use the strips you’ve put on the bracket to help line them up.
  4. PRESS AND WAIT – Each strip needs about 30 seconds of pressing down, then you have to wait an hour or so for the adhesive to take. DON’T press the bracket down onto the TV yet – keep them separate for now!
The strips ready to stick together

5. PRESS AGAIN – Now it’s time to squish the bracket onto the back of the TV. The Command Strips should make a reassuring ‘crunch’ sound as the velcro squishes together.
6. YOU’RE DONE! – You can now clip your Sky Q Mini Box in, and it’s ready to go back on the wall!

That’s how you Mount a Sky Q Mini Box !

You could most definitely stick to my old method to mount a Sky Q Mini Box to the back of the TV. However, using the bracket is helpful if a Sky Engineer needs to remove the box and replace it.

I’ve also opted for a lightweight plastic bracket. There are other brackets available – I’d probably advise using stronger Command Strips if you go for a Metal mount.

I had my Sky Q Mini box mounted happily using Command Strips for YEARS now and they haven’t failed me. However if you choose to use my method to mount a Sky Q Mini Box, then I accept no responsibility for it going wrong!

I’ve also made a video to SHOW the process too – It’s below! If you have any issues, drop me a comment and I’ll try and help!

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