Technology has catapulted the gaming world into dizzy heights since the first introduction of mainstream computer games. What was once solely played on computer consoles is now taking on new levels in live formats on the web. Moving into modern technology for the gaming and entertainment industry, we see even more advancements, including VR, start taking shape. 

So how is the new wave of technology working for the gaming industry? Take a look at some of the ways below:

Mobile and apps

The mobile app gaming industry has grown more than any other in the last decade. It’s no surprise that this technology is shaping the way businesses will do business! Mobile has changed the structure of every industry, and the gaming sector is no different. Due to the recent pandemic, the figure of people using mobile gaming apps and online entertainment sites has boomed. Plus, if you wanted to check out the best horse racing odds or take a spin on a virtual roulette table, online betting sites are also seeing an increase in visits, as individuals cannot venture out for these activities. 

Live streaming 

With the advancements in connection across the globe, it’s making it easier than ever to view things in real-time. This has been a major step for online gaming and entertainment, as live streams of both major and smaller events and games can be broadcast live over the Internet. Live streaming has people hooked as it’s basically like being there without being there. For all types of gaming industries, this entices individuals to get the real experience and keeps them engaged for longer. 

Cloud gaming 

The cloud has become an infinite source for gamers that typically require powerful hardware when playing their favorites. This technology enables users to enjoy somewhat limitless memory and hardware, so they don’t have to worry about glitches and errors while playing. This technology is also making on-demand gaming accessible. Rather than downloading massive files that take up disc space, streaming services are producing the ability to stream games more reachable. 


For the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience, wearable technology is bringing games to life in a new way. These devices are not just an extension of you; they’re also an extension of the console that totally immerses you in the game or experience. Some of the most popular wearables include fitness apps, but now entertainment, including the gambling industry, is looking at ways to create a real-time experience while you sit on the sofa. 

Digital payments 

Digital payments are making it easier than ever to buy games, entertainment, and in-app purchases. The typical methods are available such as credit cards. However, e-wallets are becoming a strong contender to keep payment safe and secure while having money in one place for your gaming experience. Some payment options also include the use of cryptocurrency to pay for services. 

These are just some of the ways tech is improving the gaming and entertainment sector, and post-COVID19, these methods will be a common feature. 

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