There’s nothing wrong with adding some new tech gadgets to your arsenal now and then. If anything, it should be encouraged! Technology gives us so much, providing us with things to do while we’re bored, while also making life more convenient. It got me thinking, what are some of the best tech gadgets money can buy in 2021?

Before you start reading this list, know that the term ‘gadget’ is used loosely here. It can refer to anything from mobile devices to games consoles – think of this as the definitive list of tech to buy this year! 

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Ah yes, the elusive Sony Playstation 5 has to kick things off. Never has there been a games console more hotly anticipated or hard to get your hands on. It’s almost June, and this console was released in November last year, yet it is still out of stock pretty much everywhere. That tells you all you need to know about this device and how good it is. 

If you’re a console gamer, this is the gold standard in console gaming right now. Fluid graphics and quiet performance make gaming a breeze, delivering almost PC-level specs to the console experience. With plenty of impressive exclusives, more and more people are desperate for a PS5 over the new Xbox. 

Logitech StreamCam

Let’s be honest, webcam sales have gone through the roof this last year. Most of us have had to get our hands on something decent for video calls, and the Logitech StreamCam is one of the best gadgets around for this. It provides full HD video streaming at 60 frames per second, including a unique feature that tracks your face at all times, constantly keeping you in focus. There are loads of different settings as well to ensure you always have the best video quality. 

If you’re sick of looking like a pixelated potato on your video calls, this is a great gadget to try. Also, it’s perfect if you’re into streaming and are on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. The Logitech StreamCam is seen by many as a great entry-level camera to improve the quality of your streams.

Massage Guns

A couple of products have been shouted out specifically on this list, but there will also be moments like this where a whole genre is shouted out instead. Massage guns have become highly popular, largely due to how stressed everyone is nowadays! Effectively, you get a handheld device that uses vibrations and percussive therapy to melt away tension in your muscles. It’s a brilliant gadget for people who work at a desk all day and suffer from chronic pain and stiffness. 

The reason a single product hasn’t been shouted out is that there are so many different massage guns out there. Therabody is the number one brand in this industry, and they produce a range of Theragun products at different price points. Again, you have other brands as well – and each device comes with different features and capabilities. If you want a massage gun, it’s best to do your research. 


Peloton has kind of changed the game when it comes to home workout tech. Most of you know the name from the Peloton bikes, whereby you can cycle at home and watch live workouts on a screen at the same time. It’s essentially a spin class from home, but you can also take part in virtual races against other people, or pick a specific bike trail to cycle along. This type of kit is so useful in modern times, bringing more entertainment and motivation to home workouts. 

Furthermore, Peleton does other devices as well – most notably treadmills. Again, the same premise exists – there’s a screen on the treadmill that gives you loads of capabilities. One popular feature is that you can pick where to walk in the world, and you get a Livestream of someone doing the same walk/run. So, it’s almost like you get to virtually visit other places while getting fit. Regardless, Peloton bikes or treadmills are great gadgets that are worth buying. 

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Another shoutout for a general category, drones are soaring in popularity in 2021. Again, like massage guns, there are so many varieties and brands out there for you to look at. However, Mavic is definitely seen as the top brand within this domain. They produce a plethora of different drones, each one catering to certain budgets or needs. You can get professional ones for photographers or people in the police force, and more casual ones for people that like flying things around and taking cool photos/videos. 

The coolest thing about drones is how diverse they can be in their uses. You can literally use them to do just about anything, unlocking hours of fun times and freeing you from boredom. Plus, as you can see here, drones are becoming more capable than ever before. The features are piling up, the cameras are getting better, and they’re easier for people to fly. If you want a gadget that will keep you occupied and also transport you back to the days of flying remote-controlled planes, a drone is perfect.

Smart mugs

Yep, they even sell smart mugs now! Pretty soon, every single item in your household will have a smart variant that’s packed full of cool tech. You’d think there’s not much more you can do to make a mug smart, but you’d be surprised. With things like the EMBER Mug, you have a device that controls the temperature of your drink for hours on end. It’s paired with an app, meaning you can genuinely set the ideal temperature of your brew and keep it that way for up to three hours. 

Basically, it means you never have to deal with moments where you make a cup of coffee/tea, only to forget about it half an hour later. You stare at your mug, debating whether or not to attempt drinking this cold liquid. Instead, you could set a temperature for your drink, and it won’t cool down! This is definitely the most ‘gadgety’ thing on the list so far, yet it’s so very intriguing. 

Smart doorbells

Another smart gadget that you don’t realize you need until you have it. Smart doorbells have been around for a while, but they’re getting better and better each year. These days, you can buy ones that come with HD cameras and all sorts of features linking to a mobile app. In essence, you have never been in more control of your front door! Smart doorbells are great for when you’re not at home as you can actually talk to and see the person knocking on your door. It should mean that deliveries are never missed, as you can direct the delivery person on where to leave your package if you’re not there. 

Even when you’re home, they come in super handy as a security device. You can check the app to see who’s outside when you’re in a different room, deciding whether or not to bother answering the door. Also, the presence of a smart doorbell with a camera can be enough to deter any unwanted visitors from your home. 

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Sound bars

Gone are the days of expensive and complicated surround sound systems in the home. No more will you see someone with about 50 different speakers set up around their living room – the age of the sound bar is now upon us! 

A sound bar is basically what it sounds like, a long bar that plays sound for you! It’s a speaker that takes things to a completely new level. Thanks to the way they’re designed, sound bars can deliver a surround sound experience without all the extra equipment. You literally have one bar and one cable – though sometimes you can find wireless ones too. It’s a nifty gadget to enhance your home cinema experience, that’s for sure. 

Item finders

Bear with, this sounds a bit vague at first. It’s another gadget where there isn’t a specific product to pinpoint, rather a selection of different options. Item finders are small devices you can attach to your personal belongings. The best example of this is attaching them to your keys. The exact technology used will vary from product to product, but the idea is that the item finder then connects to your mobile device. As a result, you can use your mobile device to find said item whenever you need it. It should prevent you from losing things ever again, and it can also stop frantic mornings where you’re late for work trying to find your keys!

There are plenty of options in this category, but the likes of Tile Mate and Chipolo are the most well-known. Apple has come in with its own version – the AirTag – though you can expect this to come with Apple’s typical price tag. 

On that note, you’ve come to the end of this list. Which gadgets catch your eye the most, and are there any you’re putting on your wishlist? Or, if you already own anything here, feel free to drop a comment with your thoughts on it/them. 

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