Lockdowns, remote working, and generalised urges to stay home have meant that our cars have seen less use in the past 18 months or so than ever before. No longer needed for the work commute or the occasional meetup, those of us who have been able to have embraced a more natural way of walking to the shops, stumbling to our home offices, and generally doing our bit for an environment that’s drastically improved since we’ve taken ourselves out of the equation. But, as talk of freedom day continues and offices start to open their doors, many of us are once again facing the daily commute. 

Mentally, we’ve been gearing ourselves up to this for a while, but it’s time to turn your attention to your vehicle, too. After all, such an extended lack of use can take its toll, even if you have made the effort to exercise your engine, and the chances are that your vehicle’s feeling about as stiff as your ability to wake up in the mornings. Worse, a failure to act could see you breaking down on your very first day back! To make sure that doesn’t happen, and to ensure a smooth start back in the office, it’s essential to prep your car in the following gentle ways. 

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# 1 – Build it back up to a long commute

We’ve all made an effort to drive our cars around the blocks once a week or so to keep them running, but jumping from that straight into a long commute could still see you facing trouble. Hence why now is the ideal time to start building up to this bigger journey by taking longer and longer drives around your area. Eventually, you may even find it worthwhile to do a dry run of your commute, just to check that your trustworthy car is still up for the task. 

# 2 – Invest in repairs now

During lockdowns, parts have been left to rust and seize, engines have practically retired, and we don’t even want to think what’s going on with our batteries! Taking the chance now to either book in for a quick professional maintenance, or do a few home diagnoses and invest in your own supplies like these Holden car parts, is your best bet for reliable running on the big day. Plus, it ensures a shiny, good-as-new vehicle that you’ll be thrilled about showing off to all of your workmates!

# 3 – Give it a good wash

Speaking of showing off, the chances are that your car has seen better days since being left dormant all these months. While washing the car was a perfect way to pass the time when we weren’t allowed out, you’ll therefore want to pay special attention to giving your vehicle an intensive treatment including a wash, wax, and polish. That way, you’re guaranteed to make the best possible impression on your colleagues and manager, ensuring that they have no idea about the emotional breakdowns or mug-littered desk you’ve been dealing with all pandemic long! 

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