Camping might seem like an activity that is only for the summer months, but with some preparation, you can camp all year round and still stay warm, and have a great time. Winter camping can be a brilliant experience. Here’s how to do it. 

Layer Underneath

When the weather gets cold, most people take every rug, sleeping bag, and blanket they can find camping with them, but you shouldn’t pile all those layers on top. A lot of heat is lose through the ground too, unless you’re using a roof top tent. The cold earth absorbs your body heat, so you need to at least a good roll mat. If you’re cold during the night, as well pulling another blanket over the top of you, try adding one underneath too.

Shake Your Sleeping Bag

Most sleeping bags trap pockets pf air that absorb heat from your body to keep you insulated. To help this work effectively, give your sleeping bag a shake out before you get in, to make sure it’s full of air. Shake from the bottom of the bag to encourage the filling to gather in the top section, where you need the most insulation. Don’t put other things in your sleeping bag either. It might seem smart of stuff your clothes in around you to keep yourself warm, but if you add too much, it can compress the lining of the bag and stop the insulation from working properly. 

Don’t Tuck Your Head Inside Your Sleeping Bag

If you’re feeling chilly, it’s natural to try and snuggle as far down inside your sleeping bag as you can. To get the most out of your sleeping bag, keep your face out. By closing yourself in, the moisture in your breath will condense in your bag, making it damp and ruining the insulating effect. Keep your mouth and nose out in the open to stop this from happening. 

Take The Right Size Tent And Sleeping Bag

Everybody likes the ease of a big family tent when they go camping, but when you camp in the winter, bigger is not always better. Tents play a big part in the insulation process, so it’s better to take the smallest tent you can. If there will be two of you camping, take a small, two-person tent, not your huge family tent that sleeps eight. The smaller tent will do a better job if shutting in the warmth. The same is true of your sleeping bag. Choose the right size for you to keep yourself warm. 

Put Hand Warmers Inside Your Sleeping Bag

A clever trick for camping as an alternative to your hot water bottle at home is to put a few hand warmers inside your sleeping bag just before you go to bed. This works very well, and the warmers are something you probably have with you anyway. They’re also a lot easier and more practical than a hot water bottle when you’re away from home. You can buy hand warmers in most outdoor and hiking shops. 

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