If you want to ensure that your mum really loves her gift this Mother’s Day, you need to do away with the generic chocolate and flowers and choose something really thoughtful instead.

Obviously, you will want to choose something that is specifically meaningful to your mum, but if you don’t know where to start below are a few thoughtful gift ideas that might give you a spark of inspiration and ensure your mum really does love her Mother’s Day present this year.

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Time with you

Most mums, when their children are adults, don’t care nearly as much about physical gifts as they do valuable time with your children. So, instead of buying her a fancy trinket, book an afternoon tea for just you and her, or maybe a trip to the theatre or a weekend spa break you can take together. As long as it’s for just the two of you and it involves an activity you know she will love, you really can’t go far wrong.

A comfy blanket

If your mum is someone who values time spent snuggling up with a good book on the sofas or who enjoys sitting under the stars at night, then a comfy blanket made from soft merino wool, which you can find amongst these unique Irish homeware items, is ore thoughtful that it might appear at first glance. Not only does it show her that you know what she loves doing most, but also that you are concerned that she stays warm while she does it. Sometimes, it really is the simple things that show you care.

A personalized hanky

A handkerchief is a dainty accessory that serves a practical purpose. A handkerchief is a handy item to have and a thoughtful gift. Every time she uses it, she will surely remember how much you care for her, just as she cares for you. To give it a special touch, consider getting a personalized handkerchief with their initials. You can also choose to have words of appreciation embroidered on it to serve as a daily reminder of how much you greatly appreciate your mum.

A book of memories

Books like “Mom, I wrote a Book About You” are basically fancy scrapbooks where you can note down your favourite memories bout your mum, such as what the best recipe she cooks is or what you value most about your relationship. You can buy the book or you can get creative and make your own scrapbook from scratch that she will love just as much. Expect tears.

Accessories for her automobile

Mom’s trusty ride on four wheels could do with some new accessories. If she’s had her vehicle for a while, you could change the floor mats and get rid of the worn-out, crusty set in her car. 

Updating the seats would be great idea too! Be sure to get the right ones for the make and model of her vehicle. We’re sure some new Toyota Hilux seat covers would be much appreciated.

Car seat covers help prevent messes inside her car. They prevent stains, spills, crumbs, dust, dirt, and debris from marring the leather seating. Additionally, they’re easy to spot clean with a damp cloth or laundered in the washing machine

Date of birth pendant

Date of birth pendants make a great gift for mums. You can customise them to show the date you, and any siblings you may have were born, and maybe even include the gemstone that corresponds to your birthday too, Your mum will need no reminder of the day you were born, but she will appreciate having as a memento of the special day nonetheless.

A digital photo frame

If your mum is all about the family photos, she will absolutely love a digital photo frame that will allow her to display them all on the one device. If you want to be really thoughtful, pre-load the frame with photos of you, your kids your siblings, the family pets, and anyone else who really matters to your mum and she will be blown away.

Get your mum any of these things for Mother’s Day and you’re sure to be on to a winner. Your place as favourite child will not be contested!

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