So, you’ve visited the GP with complaints of ear pain, or because your ears are feeling blocked and it’s driving you mad. Sadly, all the GP could see when they examined your ears was a mega wall of wax- a wall they are unable to remove or refer you to someone else to remove- just great…

Now, to free yourself from this discomfort, you’re left with two options;

1) hope that the wax falls out naturally (unlikely by this point), or

2) to find a private practitioner who’ll remove it for you. Surely this option shouldn’t pose too much stress. Well, you’re right! There are many Highstreet and private health practices offering ear wax removal across the UK. But goodness, the range of prices for ear wax removal can be extreme. Why is this?

Costly savings:

Firstly, major Highstreet chains offering ear wax removal can at first appear to be your best and cheapest option. Often these chains are able to keep ear wax removal costs low as their brand specializes in a range of alternative income revenues/ services such as optometry and the sale of beauty or pharmaceutical products. However, along with these low prices for ear wax removal come extreme waiting times for an appointment. This is less than ideal when you’re in a great deal of discomfort and may leave you wishing for a same-day service such as that offered by Verified Hearing.

Moving on to look at private independent practices- surely ear wax removal costs in this sector won’t vary too much? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Competition in the sector is fierce and ear wax removal prices can vary from £45 to as much as £150! These providers also offer a range of promises, from; “same-day appointments”, “instant relief”, and promising that you’ll receive the latest and most “contemporary” methods for ear wax removal etc. And yet, surely, ear wax removal is ear wax removal. What on earth could be driving these varying costs? You just want to know you’re being taken care of and that the discomfort will cease!

The London conundrum:

Outside of London, you’re likely to find prices for ear wax removal drop dramatically for obvious reasons such as lower rents and wages; but unfortunately, within London private practices face several factors that can leave them charging you more. Microsuction ear wax removal is a medical intervention that requires precise and specialist training as well as a good deal of experience on the part of the practitioner. Coupled with single-use equipment and varying time-allowances for each patient, some smaller practices will increase their ear wax removal costs to stay afloat.

However, it is worth noting that some independent practices also offer a ‘free’ (price incorporated) hearing screen with their ear wax removal appointments, as well as other diagnostic measures should you require them. This will also lead to an increase in price for the ear wax removal appointment but may be extremely beneficial to you and save you time and money moving forward.

Who, What and Why?

It is worth also exploring the qualification levels of the independent practice you choose to visit, as a more experienced same day ear wax removal practitioner, audiologist, or Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) consultant may charge you more due to their level of expertise.

Overall, the varying costs of ear wax removal can be confusing, but when you understand why you’re paying what you’re paying, the relief the ear wax removal appointment will likely bring to you and the bonus of knowing who’s treating you will hopefully help make choosing the best practice for you a lot easier and give you comfort that no, you’re not in fact being ripped off.

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