For a lot of people, starting a day without coffee seems like the best way to suffer an existential crisis. Not a lot of people are capable of beginning their days without it, sometimes because it works as a form of ritual that starts the day, but more often than not, because it wakes us up from our slumber and provides both the energy and the mood to begin our responsibilities, regardless of their nature.

Coffee is, then, a necessary aspect for a lot of routines. Even I can’t seem to get in the mood and the right mindset to begin my day without a single cup of coffee! And I believe a lot of people share this feeling.

Sometimes, though, people do find it as more than just a form of energy drink. We all can agree that the dark nectar has a rather peculiar, sophisticated taste to it, and even when we drink instant coffee, we can definitely perceive its complex flavor.

But not a lot of people are actually aware of the potential of coffee, and how important the beans used to make it are when it comes to flavor, texture, aroma and essence. On the other hand, you can always find people who have taken the idea of drinking coffee to a whole new level, developing their brewing skills while choosing only the best beans for the occasion.

Here’s where specialty coffee enters the play, and nowadays, you can even choose a speciality coffee subscription online to make it easier on yourself. If you are interested in the idea, this article is definitely for you, since we will cover some of the most essential aspects of the journey to help you decide whether the adventure is actually worth it or not. 

But to understand the value of specialty beans, we need to first cover the very basics, and the differences between regular and specialty coffee!

What is Specialty Coffee?

Believe it or not, the beans used to make this dark beverage vary greatly in quality, based on many different factors, from the way they are sown, to how they are harvested, roasted, ground, and packed. Even then, there are other much more influential factors as well, such as the soil and the climate in which they are planted.

Some locations allow very specific beans to grow, which commonly carry a stronger or more particular flavor to them, increasing their quality and value in the process. That being said, they tend to be harder to plant, handle and export, which makes them more expensive, in comparison to more commercially available options.

The types of beans that achieve a level of quality that surpasses the 80 points mark, as shown over at, are the ones that are considered a specialty coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association score sheet is then used to determine the score of said beans, and the score is determined based on:

  • Fragrance and aroma
  • Flavor
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Uniformity
  • Cleanness of the cup
  • And overall experience provided by the drink

Three samples are usually taken to determine these factors, and depending on the score achieved in each individual category, a final score is provided, a score that determines whether the beans used can be considered specialty or not.

What’s the Main Difference Between Specialty and Commercial, Then?

Even after that explanation, it can be a little difficult to understand the key differences between specialty and commercial options, and without understanding these differences, it can be hard to decide whether they are actually worth their price or not.

Thus, the main aspect to cover when it comes to the difference is the variety of flavors. Commercial alternatives then provide a very similar experience between one another, mainly because of the nature of their creation. With this said, commercial choices then provide:

  • A bitter taste
  • Mild aroma or essence
  • Flavored choices, ranging from vanilla to chocolate and even nuts
  • Medium-level body

On the other hand, the greatness behind specialty beans is that they vary greatly with many different characteristics, usually enjoying features specific to said beans. For example, they can be:

  • Sweet
  • Citric
  • Fruity
  • Bitter
  • Floral

They also provide many palpable characteristics, like the ones mentioned earlier. A stronger or more palpable aroma and a richer body tend to be the most common features you can find in specialty coffee.

Of course, if you are interested in knowing more about this particular aspect of the world of coffee, you can always visit this article for more detailed information.

Deciding on a Brand or Product

Now, it can be particularly intimidating for newcomers to choose a brand or product, especially considering how popular specialty coffee has become. This is the main reason why research is so important, since there’s a wide and broad world out there when it comes to coffee beans.

The great thing about that is, with online shops, you have access to a wider fan of options, and through subscriptions, you get to enjoy the product of your choice on a monthly basis, and if you decide to go for a subscription, you usually end up saving a little bit of money in comparison to buying individual packages!

The best way to go about it, in my opinion, is to check for reviews, or get the most popular options available in a shop. This will give you a solid idea of the products available, while making it easier to experience the best ones you can find.

Prepare for the Experience!

Something essential to keep in mind is that the way you handle the coffee beans you buy can play an important role in the outcome, thus, preparing for the experience is definitely important.

How fresh the beans are, how they were roasted, the way you store them, how you grind them, and how you handle the brewing process… These are the most important things you will need to learn to prepare the perfect cup of coffee, and take advantage of the beans you buy.
Learning to do so can take a lot of time since, just like many other practices, time and experience are decisive. That being said, you can always take your time to learn the basics, and slowly go from there. I recommend you to visit to get a solid idea of how to start, and some of the things you’ll need!

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