As soon as you decided to host your graduate party, you are most likely already focusing on the main event – the graduation ceremony itself. This momentous occasion deserves to be celebrated with loved ones who have supported and encouraged the graduate throughout their high school or college career, and it’s no surprise that most of your preparations will probably revolve around setting up the venue and finalizing guest lists.

One of the last things you’ll probably think about when planning this event would be the party invitations – after all, everybody already knows they’re invited and they know when it’s happening.

Designing Ideas

Before you can begin designing your high school graduation invitations, there are some decisions you’ll need to make about what kind of design suits your needs. A lot of people base their decision on gender—whether it’s a girl or boy theme. You’ll want a color scheme and style, but most importantly you’ll want a balance between creativity and functionality.

Use plain colors that look great online, like bright blues and bold yellows, but also incorporate some decorative elements so they’re not just bland rectangles of pastel colors. You don’t have to include pictures—but if you do use pictures be sure that they’re tasteful and perfectly cropped.

Finally, choose an image for your invitation’s background, whether it’s text or just solid color is up to you. The last thing you want is a busy image that will distract you from your message.

You’ll also need to decide how many copies of each invitation you will print, how many guests will attend, and how much money you plan on spending on materials.

If money isn’t an issue then go wild with elaborate designs. But if money is tight then stick with simple designs with simple fonts (like Times New Roman) in neutral colors (like black). Don’t forget to include RSVP information as well as information about any after-party plans, like transportation arrangements or food choices. The last thing anyone wants at their party is awkward silence because no one knows where they’re supposed to go next.

Selecting Graduation Party Invitation Wording

Once you’ve selected a template for your graduation invitation, you’ll want to personalize it with your own wording. This is a key part of how you’ll set yourself apart from other invitees, so be sure not to rush through it.

When selecting wording for your teacher graduation invitation, there are two key things to keep in mind: choosing a style that best reflects who you are and your relationship with those attending, and ensuring that everything can fit on one page. 

The most common styles include formal (or traditional), casual, humorous, or modern. Be aware that if you choose a more informal style of writing, such as a conversational tone or slang words like dude or girl, people may not take your party seriously and may assume they don’t need to attend.

On the flip side, if you write in a very formal way—using words like exquisite or gracious—people might think they have to dress up for your party even though it’s supposed to be fun and casual. If you have any special relationships with anyone at your school—for example, if you’re close friends with some teachers—you could mention them by name on your invitation card as well.

Finding a Printer

Once you’ve decided on your invitation design, you need to figure out where to print them. While you can easily find local printers, an online printer may offer more value and convenience for your needs. Online printers often offer many of their services at lower prices than in-person printing shops, as they have fewer overhead costs associated with running a physical shop.

The biggest benefit of ordering graduation invitations online is that you get access to a broader selection of designs for less money. If you’re working with a tight budget but still want beautiful graduation invitations, try browsing through an online print shop’s customer gallery section; customer galleries are some of the best places for finding unique and affordable designs.

You can also use search terms like custom graduation cards or graduation announcement templates to help you locate a quality template that fits your vision. When you’ve found a few designs that fit your style, simply upload your own text into these pre-made templates. It couldn’t be easier.

Choosing the Envelope Size and Insert Size

Choosing a size for your envelope and insert is fairly straightforward. Most of our designs are printed on 5 x 7 envelopes and inserts, but you can select from other sizes as well. Just make sure your selection matches that of your invitations.

For example, if you choose 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 envelopes and 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inserts, then you should order a flat card, which means there will be two separate pieces of paper instead of one folded piece.

And yes, we know it’s confusing. We’re working on changing all of our templates so they’ll automatically update when you change an option like an envelope or insert size. But until then, just remember: matching sizes mean one folded piece of paper. Different sizes mean two pieces of paper.

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