If you’re a blogger or someone who spends a lot of time typing at a desk, you’ll know there are a few things that make your life hell. You can’t stop typing because it’s your job, but the whole experience feels horrible. You end up with pain in your wrists, muscle cramps or just a general feeling of dissatisfaction

So, today’s post will teach you how to unlock a better typing experience in just a few simple steps! 

Get a better keyboard

To start, you need to get yourself a good keyboard. There are plenty of options here, with some people preferring mechanical keyboards over membrane ones. Generally, mechanical keyboards are seen as the best for typing because the switches are more responsive and you can type a lot faster using one. 

However, you can take this a step further by getting a custom-made keyboard. Include things like the Gateron Black Ink Switches to further improve your typing experience, leading to a quieter and more precise keyboard. Little upgrades like these can stop some of the things that make you feel annoyed while you type. For example, the rattling feeling of a space bar. It can make it very irritating when you hear or feel the rattle, so some custom switches will deal with that. 

Use a wrist support rest

Do you often suffer from wrist or forearm soreness when you’re typing? This can happen because of two possible issues. Firstly, you might have no support for your wrists while you type, meaning they are in the air. A good way to counter this is to ensure your forearms are resting on the arms of your chair – or on your desk. 

Unfortunately, this throws up another problem. If your arms are resting on the desk, they can often get sore due to the constant pressure of the table edge against your skin. So, while you solve the muscle issue, you still have sore wrists/forearms. 

Luckily, you can buy wrist support rests to place on your desk, solving both issues. They come in many shapes and designs, but the idea is that your wrists rest on them as you type. They cushion your forearms, stopping you from getting cramping or carpal tunnel. At the same time, the padding and support protect you from the edge of your desk, cancelling out that soreness as well!

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Find the right angle for your keyboard

The angle of your keyboard plays a big role in how comfortable the typing experience will be. Some people prefer to have theirs lying flat on the desk, while others need it elevated at a slight angle. The only way you’ll know which option is right for you is by trying them both and seeing which one you prefer. 

A lot of keyboards will have things on the bottom that you can flick out to create an angle for typing. If yours has this feature, try it out – or try it without anything to see if you prefer it flat. Don’t worry if you don’t have the ability to raise the keyboard on its own. You can buy keyboard raisers that allow you to alter the angle a lot better. Now, you can see which one feels the most comfortable while you type. 

Clean your keyboard regularly

Finally – and you might not think this is a good tip – but cleaning your keyboard helps to improve your typing experience. Have you ever tried typing, only for keys to become jammed or not as responsive as they once were? Or, you’re still typing fine, but you can feel something is wrong with the keys. 

Mostly, this is because the keyboard is dirty and there is stuff beneath the keys stopping them from feeling fluid. So, you need to clean your keyboard as often as possible. This is easy to do, and there are three different things you can use to clean this device:

  • A keyboard dusting brush that helps you brush away dust and debris
  • A compressed air canister that blows away dust and dirt from the keys
  • A sticky keyboard cleaning product that looks like slime and can pick up dust and dirt from your keyboard. Yes, this sounds weird, but you can see it in action here 

Any of these methods might work for you, so try them all out!

After all of this, you will have a keyboard setup that’s way more comfortable and makes you have a better typing experience while you’re sat at your desk.

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