Everybody wants to look perfectly groomed. And people pick up the razor for many reasons, including prioritizing their hygiene and ensuring cleanliness and an appealing appearance. However, shaving can result in constant itching, irritation, and discomfort. There are several factors that could cause this, and it is advisable to know and prevent it. Below are four simple ways to do that. 

  1. Frequent moisturising

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Frequent moisturising softens your skin, particularly in thicker hair areas. The strands in areas like the bikini zone or underarms are coarser and often poky until you shave. Daily moisturiser use can soften the hair and make it less grumpy. You can also use a bit of conditioner to achieve similar results when taking a shower. However, ensure to rinse it off immediately. For individuals with facial hair, you can use beard balms to protect, soften, moisturise and eliminate itchiness in your beard. This is necessary after a shave, wash, or exfoliation, and it is advisable to do it at least twice daily. 

  1. Keep skin covered 

Two things happen when you cover your skin after shaving. First, your freshly-shaved skin is now in close touch with clothes that cause you to sweat. Secondly, the detergents used in washing your garments will rub against your skin and potentially worsen the itch. Therefore, it is recommended to wear loose, breathable, natural textiles after shaving while waiting for any itching to subside. Avoid shaving until the irritation has gone away and every lump has disappeared. However, a worsening discomfort may indicate a bacterial infection, so you want to seek medical care immediately. 

  1. Apply warm press to shaving 

Use a warm, damp cloth to apply a warm press to the area you feel discomfort after shaving. You can also make a sea-salt water solution to boost the healing process and subside the irritation. Bathing in hot water can feel good, but it depletes the moisture in your skin and causes dryness and itching. So it is recommended you use warm water. Experts also advise avoiding tanning beds, hot tubs, and direct sunlight exposure since it can cause freshly shaved skin to itch. You also want to stay away from the swimming pool for a while since the chlorine can lead to itchy and red skin post shaving.

  1. Use a multi-blade razor

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A multi-blade razor is more precise than a dull or single-blade razor, which could harm your skin. Additionally, multi-blade razors offer more comfortable shaving with less itching or irritation. So individuals with sensitive skin types are advised to avoid single-blade razors. If possible, always use shaving cream to prevent cuts on your skin. For individuals with dry or sensitive skin, it is essential to use shaving creams with organic materials since they can add another protection layer to your face while preventing itching. 

Cleanliness and grooming are increasingly crucial, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, as many people strive to keep their bodies safe and healthy. The above are a few ways to prevent itching after using the razor.

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